COMP SCI 7214OL - Human-Centred Security

Online - Online Teaching 4 - 2024

The Human-Centred Security course will expand students? understanding of cyber security beyond the sphere of technology by addressing the role human behaviour plays in securing and subverting systems. The course takes a transdisciplinary approach combining academic research from a range of disciplines (such as computer science, psychology, international relations and political science) with practitioner experience, to explore ways of creating solutions to complex cyber security problems. The course is grounded in security theory so that students can develop an understanding of what it means to be cyber secure as an individual, as a society and as a nation state. Students will explore the relationships between people and technology from the perspective of users, designers and developers of technology, as well as policy makers. At a practical level, students will learn how to evaluate tools to understand and shape cyber security behaviours. They will be able to generate ways of conducting transdisciplinary research to design solutions to complex cyber security problems. Students will develop expertise that enables them to critique cyber security strategies and policies. The course will enable students to generate productive security dialogues across communities.

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