GEOLOGY 2515 - Geophysics II

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2022

This course will introduce a series of geophysical techniques that can be applied to determine the physical characteristics of the Earth's lithosphere, with direct application to the detection and mapping of mineral and energy resources in three dimensions. We will take a generic view, that economic concentrations of mineral and energy resources are geological anomalies that are defined by extreme localised enrichments (of specific elements, minerals, liquids, gases or heat) and are recognisable by steep gradients in a range of measurable geophysical properties. The course will be divided into modules covering geophysical exploration techniques commonly used in minerals and energy exploration, (gravity, magnetic, electrical, electro-magnetic and seismic surveys). We will examine the theoretical basis of each technique, the methods of data collection, presentation and analysis, and appropriate, geologically constrained, interpretation of the data. Students will explore an industry style data base and softwares to solve a geophysical based problem.

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