BIOSTATS 6021EX - Regression Modelling for Biostatistics II

External - Semester 2 - 2022

This course aims to enable students to implement generalised linear models (GLMs) for analysis of categorical data, and survival analysis methods for time-to-event data, with proper attention to the underlying assumptions. A major focus is on selection of appropriate methods, assessing the model fit and diagnostics of GLMs and survival models, and the practical interpretation and communication of model results. Specifically, this course presents the theory and application of GLMs and survival analysis. This course covers the implementation of GLMs to analyse count data using Poisson and negative binomial regression; how logistic regression models can be applied to binary, multinominal, and ordinal data; and the use of GLMs with continuous data. The course presents methods to analyse time to event survival data including the Kaplan Meier curve and the Cox proportional hazards model.

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