SCIENCE 1440 - Science or Fiction (Animal Behaviour) I

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2022

Determining what is accurate and valid science is becoming increasing more challenging as the number of apparent sources of information are continually increasing. How do you determine what is "good" science and what is "inaccurate" or in some cases "bad" science. We begin this course looking at the accuracy of science as portrayed in the entertainment industry, finding that some of this can actually be accurate. We continue the journey looking at the accuracy of the science found in the broader media and in the scientific literature. This course will further develop the skills required for future courses and careers with a focus on; communication to a non-specialist audience using a variety of formats, digital literacy, data interpretation, interdisciplinary collaboration and group investigations. In the second half of the course there will be a focus on the science of animal behaviour. Students will undertake an animal behaviour focussed experiment as well as investigate some of the current animal behaviour science controversies.

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