INTBUS 2001OUA - International Business Operations

OUA - Trimester 1 - 2022

This course prepares students for working in an organisation that operates internationally. Students are exposed to different aspects that underpin internationalisation decisions of a firm. They also learn about the input of different functional units within organisations in the success of its international operationists. The broad content themes include international strategy and organisation; entrepreneurial nature of international expansion; different modes of foreign market entry; internationalisation of service firm; international marketing, human resource management, and sourcing. Finally, students have an opportunity to explore ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the international context. The course develops skills in analysing cross-border business scenarios, identifying opportunities and risks entailed in various internationalisation decisions, appreciating the complexity of international business operations, and including ethics and social responsibility as significant factors shaping a firm's behaviour in a home and host country(ies).

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