PUB HLTH 3501OUA - Doing Business in Health

OUA - Trimester 3 - 2022

The healthcare system is complex with a myriad of organisations planning and delivering health care across the health continuum. The complexity is intensified by stakeholder?s expectations that health services meet budget allocations while also delivering safe and quality health care. Health services include pharmacies, allied health services, GP clinics, specialty clinics, imaging and diagnostic services and hospitals. This course gives an overview of the Australian health system and describes how these different providers intersect to deliver primary, secondary and tertiary health care to the community. The different approaches to `doing business? by public and private health care providers is explored and the funding models that affect the health sector are detailed. Various solutions like value-based funding, use of technology, workforce development and training, early intervention models and strengthening regional infrastructure have been proposed to address these challenges. This course will discuss these solutions in addition to students learning about the main drivers of the health `business?. Service quality ? including patient safety and accreditation - is discussed along with elements of human resource management, risk management, and governance that are unique to the health sector. Students will come away with an understanding of the key stakeholders in the health sector and will be equipped to address the problems facing delivery of sustainable and quality health care in Australia.

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