ENTREP 7000 - Leading New Product Innovation

North Terrace Campus - Trimester 1 - 2024

Few if any organisations have a clear view of the future; time is better spent building toward the future through product life cycle management. An organisation needs to constantly think one step ahead of its competitors to address contemporary and unforeseen challenges. Innovation is the life blood for organisations to sustain or grow their market position. This course will provide you with the capability to use theory, frameworks and techniques to develop, experiment and evaluate potential innovative ideas to stay relevant and drive growth in the modern consumer landscape. Through hands-on experiential workshops you will develop a future-focused innovation mindset with a bias towards flexibility and action as aspects of the unknown future begin to emerge. You will foster and apply your knowledge to address biases, embrace change, and to cultivate and champion a thriving innovation environment within an organisation. You will acquire skills to identify the crucial drivers of innovation and how to leverage customer research, key internal resources, structures and company culture to differentiate your organisation in a stagnant, saturated or highly competitive market. This course is suitable for promoting and leading enhanced and/or new product innovations whether a startup, purpose-driven social enterprise, or within a typical corporate setting.

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