FOOD SC 7305WT - Public Health Nutrition

Waite Campus - Semester 1 - 2024

This course develops students' understanding of public health nutrition with a focus placed on the importance of building a sustainable, nutritious and healthy food supply for all. Health inequities, as explained by the social determinants of health, and their impact on nutritional health and well-being are covered in detail. Consideration is given to factors which influence consumer food choices, dietary habits and food consumption patterns including social, cultural and environmental factors. An overview of the different types of food systems as well as historical events which have influenced the Australian diet over time, are used to illustrate how people's day-to-day living circumstances can impact on their food choices and consumption patterns. Students are introduced to major nutrition and health policies which underpin intervention programs and initiatives aiming to promote healthy eating behaviours in consumers and/or healthy food production in food industry. Students are required to design and plan a nutrition intervention project around the recommendations of one or more of these policies.

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