CIVILENG 7404 - Advanced Water Distribution Systems Engineering

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2024

Water distribution systems analysis. Steady state analysis of pipe networks. Alternative formulations of equations for pipe networks - the flow (Q)-equations, the head (H)-equations, the loop flow correction (LF) equations, the Q+H equations, the Global Gradient Algorithm formulation, and numerical solutions based on Newton Raphson solution technique. Convergence criteria for stopping the iterative solution process. Computer solution techniques in Excel and FORTRAN. The Global Gradient Algorithm of Todini and Pilati for solving the pipe network equations in EPANET. Optimisation of pipe networks/design using genetic algorithms. Pumping operations optimisation using genetic algorithms. Consideration of sustainability criteria (economic, environmental, technical, social, temporal) using multi-objective genetic algorithms. Water hammer analysis. Pump transients. Air vessel sizing. Water hammer control methods. Flywheels and one-way surge tanks for water hammer protection. Column separation during water hammer events. Ten guest lectures from Industry Engineers. Includes Masters level project.

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