OENOLOGY 7580WT - Experience & Perspectives in the Wine Industry

Waite Campus - Semester 2 - 2024

The Master of Viticulture and Oenology program provides students with opportunities to gain experience working in viticulture and/or winemaking placements. Students undertake 10 weeks work experience, either in an approved viticultural enterprise, and/or in a commercial winery. The placement is normally a continuous 10-week block, taken during the vintage period of the particular region. Viticultural placements, however, may take place throughout the year, and can be composed of a series of discontinuous periods (totalling 10 weeks), enabling students to experience different vineyard practices throughout the year and gain a hands-on working understanding of the management systems and structures. Alternatively students may elect to undertake experience in commercial winery during the vintage period. At the completion of the placement, a specified level of proficiency and an understanding of the contribution of each of the major unit operations to the overall winemaking process are required. In addition students will receive lectures and workshops designed to allow the examination of current policies and issues confronting the Australian wine industry. This will provide insight into how critical Australian wine industry organisations address topics of societal importance, including marketing, wine advertising, brand development and alcohol and health in the international context.

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