INDO 2105 - Indonesian Politics and Development

Flinders University - Semester 1 - 2024

Demographically, politically and economically, Indonesia is among the most important countries in Asia. This topic explores the major political issues, processes and events that have shaped Indonesia since 1945. It discusses Indonesia?s anti-colonial struggle, state formation, democracy and authoritarianism, Islamic politics and other major ideological currents, the role of the armed forces, violence and separatism, and issues around diversity and inclusion. Students are introduced to various scholarly interpretations of Indonesian politics and development, and are equipped with skills and knowledge that can support careers in government, business, education and more. This topic is taught in English and is open to any interested participants. This topic aims to: - Examine Indonesia?s political history and institutions, major ideological and societal forces, and developmental challenges; - Evaluate the role of religious diversity, ethnicity, class, geography and history in shaping contemporary political outcomes; - Introduce major concepts and debates relevant to the study of Indonesian politics and development, including oligarchy, patrimonialism, corruption and clientelism; democratisation and authoritarianism, nationalism, separatism and religious activism; - Discuss and analyse Indonesia?s present and future political and developmental trajectories, including their relevance to Australia and the broader region.

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