Course Ambassadors: how they can help and how to book them


What is a Course Ambassador?

Course Ambassadors are students employed by Learning Enhancement and Innovation on a casual basis to assist individual Course Coordinators and Teaching Staff  in supporting the University’s efforts to deliver remote learning opportunities. Course Ambassadors aid Course Coordinators and Teaching Staff in the use of MyUni and the implementation of learning experiences for remote learners, including collection of engagement metrics, support for virtual tutorials, discussion board monitoring, and population of weekly remote learning plans.


What are some tasks that a Course Ambassador CAN help with?

  • Supporting Zoom tutorials such as assisting with technology by creating pre-assigned breakout rooms at the start of class.
  • Digitising resources and assessment items such as creating MyUni Assignments, preparing canvas course pages
  • Supporting the development of FAQs based on common questions to Course Coordinators (from emails and Q&A discussion boards)
  • Renaming echo recordings
  • Running course analytics reports from MyUni


What are some tasks that a Course Ambassador CANNOT help with?

A Course Ambassador cannot help with marking or teaching activities.


How do you book a Course Ambassador?

A pool of Course Ambassadors have been assigned to each Faculty. To book a Course Ambassador, please use the Calendly link below that corresponds with your faculty. The Calendly link will ask you for details of your task and when you need it done by.

Faculty of Arts:

Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences:

Faculty of Professions:

Faculty of Sciences:



What is the process of engaging with a Course Ambassador?

You will be assigned the next available Course Ambassador based on the time that you have booked on the Calendly link. When booking through the Calendly link, it will give you the option of setting up a Zoom meeting with your assigned Course Ambassador.

Course Ambassadors need to be booked for a minimum of 2 hours. This does not mean that you have to be in a meeting with the CA’s for this whole period of time. It just means that this is the time that the Course Ambassador will be spending carrying out your assigned task.

Here is an example of how the process may work:

  1. Book a time through your faculty Calendly link for a Course Ambassador to work on your task.
  2. Have a Zoom meeting with your assigned Course Ambassador to discuss your task and how you would like it done.
  3. Leave the task with the Course Ambassador to complete within the assigned timeframe.



Frequently Asked Questions:

I have ongoing tasks throughout the semester. Can I be assigned a Course Ambassador for my course rather than a Course Ambassador to take on individual ad hoc tasks?
Yes, if there is ongoing work that is required in your course, there is the option of having the same Course Ambassador assigned to your course for the rest of the semester. Please contact Simona ( if this is something that you are interested in.


What kind of training have the Course Ambassadors had?
Course Ambassadors have been inducted and trained by the Student and Support Partnership Lead.
They have been trained in the areas of:

  • Zoom Meetings
  • MyUni
  • Announcements, Communicating and Discussion Boards
  • Learning Analytics and Engagement Metrics


Will my Faculty be charged for booking a Course Ambassador?
No, Course Ambassadors are employed by Learning Enhancement and Innovation and are paid for by them.


If I booked a Course Ambassador for a session, do I need to spend the entire time supervising them?
No, you are able to assign your task to the Course Ambassador and they can then independently complete the work for you.


I recently worked with a Course Ambassador and I’d like to work with the same person again. Is this possible?
Yes, if you would like to book the same Course Ambassador, please contact Simona ( to organise this.

Want to know more about Course Ambassadors?

Please contact Simona ( for more information.

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