SELT data added to Detailed Course Report in MyUni

SELT Report

Due to popular demand, SELT data has now been added in a recent update to the Detailed Course Report, allowing course coordinators and teaching staff to view SELT data across historical delivery of the course.

This information will allow staff members to assess the ways in which student expectations and experience of the course delivery has changed over time, as well as to see any relationship between other report information and SELT results.

example report

Figure 1: Example of SELT Data view within Detailed Course Report

The Detailed Course Report can be accessed in all courses in MyUni via the LMS Analytics menu item and then by clicking on the Detailed Course Report tab. See the guide for more details: Accessing the Detailed Course Report.

The Detailed Course Report also includes data on course enrolments, student academic background and course results. For more information about the data within the report and how to interpret it, please visit the Detailed Course Report page on the LEI website.

For more information, please contact the Learning Analytics Team:

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