Team Spotlight: Learning Systems & Innovation


The Learning Enhancement and Innovation unit is comprised of several teams that work across different aspects of learning and teaching. Our teams work collaboratively within the unit to achieve the shared goal of ‘building better graduates’.

Each month, we will do a spotlight on an individual team to understand what roles they play within the Learning Enhancement Innovation unit in order to enhance the student learning experience at the University of Adelaide.

This month we have been focussing on technology in learning and teaching so our team spotlight in on the Learning Systems and Innovation team.

Five things you should know about Learning Systems & Innovation:

    • We work with and support academics to fully utilise the University’s Learning Management System (MyUni) and its associated tools and technologies.
    • We manage educational technologies, including advice on; system requirements, monitoring of processes and procedures, system configuration, testing, development and maintenance of system documentation.
    • We are a point of contact for improving academic digital capabilities
    • We test, pilot and scale-up the profile of educational technologies in the University.
    • We guide and advise academics in their exploration of innovative digital teaching, using existing and emerging technologies.


Successful projects supported by Learning Systems & Innovation:

We have seen the success of the following projects through the phases of testing, piloting & expansion to the next level.


Project/Technology Description
Cidilabs Design Tools



Cidilabs Design Tools is one of our MyUni content building technologies. It has a range of features that enable course builders and developers to provide consistent interface and visual structure to courses in MyUni. Design Tools is based around the concept of content blocks. These blocks have been built and customised for MyUni.



H5P is an open source educational technology that provides a set of tools to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 learning content. HTML5 generally provides a universal experience across most devices and browsers. HTML5 makes creating accessible content easier.
SPLAT The Self & Peer Learning Assessment Tool (SPLAT) provides a solution that allows students to confidentially evaluate self and peer contribution within a group and provide feedback for teamwork and professional development skills.
MyUni Search



MyUni Search allows you to search for content in MyUni. You can access MyUni Search from a course’s navigation menu or from a search box at the top right in most MyUni pages.


 What’s new in 2020?

We will be supporting LEI grants that focus on enhancing teaching and learning using technology under the following themes:

  • Adaptive Learning
  • Group & Team Work
  • Building Student Capabilities to fully engage in learning and assessment methods
  • Accessibility
  • Cultural Diversity

We will be supporting:

  • AR/VR applications in teaching and learning
  • Evaluation and enhancement of current tools eg SPLAT


Learning Systems and Innovation support

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