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Flipping the Cellar Floor


Following a successful application for an LEI Grant, we spoke with Beth Loveys and Imogen McNamara, both a student and academic who were involved in the Student as partners program. Hear about their journey on the Flipping the Cellar Floor project and how it impacted both students and staff.

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We Want You! Q&A with Sharon Scott – Manager, Student Employability


Thousands of students per year attend University in the hope find employment within their field at the end of their degree. While at university students should take opportunities to continue developing and strengthening their employability skills. Employers are looking for well-rounded students with a number of transferable skills. We spoke with Sharon Scott, Manager, Student Employability about the desired skills for employability and what opportunities are available for students.

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For students, by students: The Students as Partners program


The SaP initiative allows for students and academics to strengthen their relationship, create concepts and engage in projects that are meaningful and relevant to students. This provides students with the opportunity to enhance employability skills, including negotiation and working within a team. We spoke with Tom, our Support and Student Partnership Lead who began with us as a student partner.

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A day in the life of a Learning Enhancement Officer


Students are at the heart of what we do and in the Learning Enhancement & Innovation Team, we strive to include a student aspect in our various projects and initiatives. Over the past few years, the LEI team has maintained a strong student presence with our Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs). Our LEOs work closely with academics to provide at elbow support, are involved in the Program Enhancement Partnership process and the LEI Grants. Students develop a range of personal skills for future employment, such as time management and critical thinking skills while taking part in these projects.

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How group work enhances employability

group work

Despite being every student’s pet peeve, group assignments are hugely important for personal development and future employability. The University of Adelaide prides itself on producing graduates with qualities and characteristics that are transferable beyond the disciplinary context in which they have been developed. It is group work in particular that aligns with two of the University’s core graduate attributes. These include teamwork & communications skills and self-awareness & emotional intelligence.

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The art of crafting online quiz questions

quiz questions

We all love writing quiz questions equally as much as we love completing quiz questions, right?

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