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Designing inclusive learning


It’s challenging to think outside of your own perspective when designing online learning experiences, but this is the key to solving some of the most complex online learning design problems.. 

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Power to the women of UoA!

uofa women

There are strong, powerful women who have made a notable impact globally. Some of these are women who have graduated from the University of Adelaide and were able to forsee their changes in South Australia. Read about some pioneering women of Adelaide and what the University has to offer to empower you on your journey as a woman in the 21st century.

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Key takeaways from an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) pilot


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is when computer software recognises the human voice. 

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The Library – a space for all students


The Library is committed to supporting equitable access to our collections, services and spaces for all students.

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Education that’s really for everyone


Disability Support provide services to students with a wide variety of disabilities and ongoing medical conditions.

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