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(Re)Designing Online Lectures

Lecture Theatre

The rapid and chaotic response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the learning and teaching space is something that should be applauded and learned from. The side effects of rapidly flipping face-to-face courses to online delivery modes has meant that (understandably) - not all of the consideration, time and quality assurance we’d usually give to a learning experience has taken place. 

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Mixed Cohort Tutorials

Students and teacher infront of computer

So, you have a dilemma: you have 30 students and normally run 3 tutorials of 10 each, but 5 students are remote. You can’t afford to run a fourth with only remote students. You need to include them in the 3rd tutorial. But how can it be done in a way that feels like the remote and face to face students are connected as one, are equally engaged in the tutorial, and getting a quality learning experience?

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