Echo360 videos for assignment submissions

Integrating video assignments into learning can increase students’ engagement. It introduces a new type of assessment that enhances students’ creativity and digital capabilities. Videos also help turning assignments into reflective practice, improving the way students think when transforming the knowledge into audio-visual materials.

Echo360 now provides a method for students to submit videos for MyUni assignments directly from their Echo360 library. To allow students to use their Echo360 videos for submissions, you need to configure the assignment to accept “Online” submission type and select “Website URL” option.

Echo 360 submission type


Once the video is submitted by the student, it is locked and cannot be edited or deleted. This guarantees that students will not change their video content after submission.


It is recommended to contact your Learning Designer if you need to discuss assessment design using videos. If you have a question on how to set up MyUni assignment to allow for Echo360 video submission, please contact the Educational Technology team.


Authored by Eman Rashwan

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