Cadmus Webinar Series - September & October

Cadmus Webinar Series

New Equation Editor

Cadmus is an online assessment for learning platform used at the University of Adelaide which facilitates the end-to-end assessment workflow for teachers and students. Cadmus can be used for written formative and summative tasks as well as assessments, timed exams, and exam alternatives.

Teachers in Economics, Statistics, and Quant Business disciplines will very soon be able to deliver a range of equations-based assessments through Cadmus — perfect for reports, class activities, open-book exams, and tests. Students and teachers will have the same options for adding equations using the in-app keyboard or with LaTeX, making it easy to weave equations and formulas into submissions and instructions, no matter the experience level. Combined with Cadmus’ range of academic integrity and student support features, delivering equations-based assessments has just skyrocketed!

Join us for a 15-minute demo to explore this exciting new feature:

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