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Cadmus Education Session Webinar - Thursday 3rd November

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Cadmus is an intuitive online assessment and exam solution, available to all educators at the University of Adelaide.

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Are you looking to enhance your Sem 1 2023 courses? Cadmus can help


Cadmus is an assessment for learning platform, founded at the University of Melbourne and used by over 50% of the Go8, including the University of Adelaide. Cadmus supports academics with challenges such as high teacher workload, academic integrity, student experience, and student success.

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Cadmus Webinar Series - September & October

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Cadmus is an online assessment for learning platform used at the University of Adelaide which facilitates the end-to-end assessment workflow for teachers and students. Cadmus can be used for written formative and summative tasks as well as assessments, timed exams, and exam alternatives.

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Learning video design principles

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As we continue our transition out of the Emergency Remote Teaching mode that has defined Higher Education over the past few years, we look for ways to maintain quality while creating sustainability for the long term. In the Learning, Enhancement and Innovation design and development team supporting PACE (Professional and Continuing Education), we work with subject matter experts on a daily basis, assisting them to produce high-quality videos that are sustainable over many iterations of micro-credentials and short courses.

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Mixed Cohort Learning

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Technology is now very much a part of the teaching and learning landscape, but most would agree that it should not be the driving force in designing a sequence of learning. Pedagogy always comes first, and indeed, often we aspire to use technology in a way where it becomes invisible in enhancing the learning environment. But what about mixed cohort learning? Surely the technology is driving this a lot more than the pedagogy?

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Supporting Peer and Group Learning with FeedbackFruits

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Collaboration is a highly desirable graduate attribute, and peer and group learning are both effective means to achieve it.

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Mobius is a powerful platform that supports innovative teaching, learning and assessment design. It is particularly suited to STEM subjects but can be used effectively and creatively across disciplines.

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Mixed Cohort Tutorials

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So, you have a dilemma: you have 30 students and normally run 3 tutorials of 10 each, but 5 students are remote. You can’t afford to run a fourth with only remote students. You need to include them in the 3rd tutorial. But how can it be done in a way that feels like the remote and face to face students are connected as one, are equally engaged in the tutorial, and getting a quality learning experience?

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Introducing new features in the Self & Peer Learning Assessment Tool (SPLAT)


SPLAT is an online tool used by students to assess the contributions of individual members of their team, as well as themselves. 

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