Research Professional

An online research funding-opportunities and news service, with insights and expert guidance for winning research funding.

Funding databases

Public online directories listing Australian & international research funding opportunities.

Grant information sessions

Archived materials from presentations & workshops delivered by Research Services and visiting research professionals.

Industry collaboration grant funding

Partnering with the University of Adelaide brochures provide information on industry collaboration with grant funding from the ARC, NHMRC, and CRC-Ps.

Research classification

Research priorities and classification codes adopted within Australia, often required for grant applications, or to classify research outputs.

Research data

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Microdata, Longitudinal Studies, and scientific indicators (such as Journal & Country rank).

Research policies

University policies governing research practice, compliance, and integrity.

Ethics, Compliance & Integrity resources

List of external contacts, authorities and legislation relevant to research ethics, compliance & integrity.

Animal ethics resources

A-Z list of all animal ethics related policies and documentation.

Human research ethics resources

A-Z list of all human research ethics related policies and documentation.

Research Services Bulletin

A searchable archive of research news, events, and funding opportunities that are not available via Research Professional.


Research Services mailing list

We gather all of the research news, events, targeted funding opportunities, tenders, commercialisation schemes, internal awards, and other resources we've found during the week and email it to you each Wednesday. 

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