The University of Adelaide Act 1971 specifically assigns to the Vice-Chancellor and President responsibility "for the academic standards, management and administration of the University".

In exercising this responsibility, the Vice-Chancellor and President is empowered, by virtue of office, to make the decisions and approvals necessary to deliver the objectives of the University. As a consequence, the Vice-Chancellor and President must, in order to carry out these responsibilities, delegate a range of authorities to the University's senior managers and the staff who report to them.

The authorities are designed to:

  • be clear and easy to understand;
  • elucidate processes of responsibility and accountability for various administrative functions;
  • establish decision-making at appropriate levels.

Frequently asked questions

Delegations of Authority Category Levels

All delegations apply to positions and not to individuals. Delegations listed are unique to that position, however not all positions in the University are listed and not all positions have unique delegations; for example, many positions are considered Branch Heads. In addition, Corporate Managers may also exercise the delegations of Branch Heads. A consolidated list of positions at the level of Branch Head / Head of School and above may be downloaded, for reference.

Although the purpose of the Register is to list the Vice-Chancellor and President's delegations of authority, the non-delegable functions of Council and those matters of management that have been reserved to the Council for approval have also been included for completeness. These may be viewed by selecting Council when viewing by Position.

Please direct any enquiries regarding the Register to the Council Secretary via email.