Mr Adam Kilpatrick

Mr Adam Kilpatrick
 Position Visiting Scholar
 Org Unit Nursing
 Location Floor/Room 3 ,  Benham ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Adam is a Ph.D candidate in the Spatial Information Group, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide. His Ph.D project title is:

    "Rangeland condition monitoring using remotely sensed cross-fence comparisons"

    Rangelands are ecosystems which we humans use to graze domestic stock for meat production. They cover a large percentage of earth's terrestrial land mass, e.g. 41% of South Australia. Effectively monitoring the effects of rangeland management has proven logistically and statistically impossible using field based monitoring methods alone. Remote Sensing is the obvious answer, and various satellite imagery platforms already allow us to monitor vegetation cover levels and changes across the globe, even on a daily basis. Determing whether our land management drives these changes in vegetation, however, is rather difficult due to the large spatial and temporal variability of natural variables such as rainfall and soil type.

    Adam's research is a continuation (after a hiatus), of cutting edge research conducted for his honours degree. The methodology being developed and tested is a critical breakthrough that has the potential to allow paddock/field-scale, timely monitoring of the effects of management, whilst controlling for natural variables, on developed rangelands throughout Australia and the world.

    Adam is involved in other aspects of rangeland, arid and spatial ecology, including projects on the ecology and management of rare and threatened flora and fauna species, ecology and management of feral animals, remote sensing of dryland agriculture, and experimental design.

  • Qualifications

    B.Sc Hons (First Class, 1A) in Soil and Land Systems. "Rangeland condition monitoring using remotely-sensed cross-fence comparisons"

    B.Sc (Sustainable Environments) majoring in Land and Water Management

    Cert. IV Frontline Management (Scouts Australia Institute of Training)

    Cert. III Individual Support

    Master of Clinical Nursing Student 2019-2020 (The University of Adelaide)

  • Awards & Achievements

    Prime Minister's Australia Asia Scholar (Postgraduate, 2013)

    SA Adventurer of the Year (2012)

    SA Young Achievers Awards: Flinders Ports Environment Award Winner (2012)

    AW Howard Memorial Trust Travel Grant (2011) (Awarded for travel to the IX International Rangelands Congress, Argentina).

    Australian Geographic Society Seed Grant (2010) (Awarded to support the "22nd World Jamboree Trike Expedition").

    Australian Postgraduate Award (2009-) (Scholarship for Ph.D)

    Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute:

    1. 14th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference, Honours Student Award (2008). (Only award given nationwide to attend biennial conference for an honours student).
    2. South Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, Undergraduate/Graduate Student Award (2009). (Awarded to best undergraduate, honours or postgraduate certificate/diploma student in South Australia)
  • Teaching Interests


    Chief Instructor of Remote Pilot License (RePL) Courses, CASA Certified, The University of Adelaide

    Research students: Tina Schroeder (Honours, 2012-2013, First Class) "Can the dingo suppress introduced predators and save our threatened species?"

    Demonstrating and lecturing (applications) in Remote Sensing III

    Demonstrating in GIS for Environmental Management III

    Demonstrating in GIS for Agriculture & Natural Resource III

    Demonstrating in Spatial Information and Land Evaluation (II)

  • Research Interests

    Rangeland, Arid/semi-arid, Landscape, and Spatial Ecology

    Spatial Sciences (Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), spatial modelling and data analysis, theoretical models)

  • Publications

    Journal Articles

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B. (2015). Rangeland condition monitoring: A new approach using cross-fence comparisons of remotely sensed vegetation. Plos One. Accepted, in press.


    Kilpatrick, A.D., Warren-Smith, S.C., Read, J.L., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B. (2011). Cross-fence comparisons: theory for spatially comprehensive, controlled variable assessment of treatment effects in managed landscapes. Ecol Informatics. 6, 170-176. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoinf.2010.10.001

    Read, J.L., Moseby, K.E., Briffa, J., Kilpatrick, A.D., Freeman, A. (2011). Eradication of rabbits from landscape scale exclosures: pipedream or possibility? Ecol Manage Rest. 12 (1), 47-54.

    Read, J.L. and Kilpatrick, A.D. (2009). Improved Conservation Status of Atriplex Kochiana Maiden. Trans Roy Soc Sth Aust. 133 (1), 172-177.

    Conference Presentations (Peer-reviewed proceedings)

    Lyle, G., Arbon, K., Clarke, K., Kilpatrick, A., Summers, D., Ostendorf, B. (2013). "How generalisable are empirical models to estimate high resolution spatial indicators of crop performance at the regional scale?" In Piantadosi, J., Anderssen, R.S. and Boland, J. (eds) MODSIM2013, 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australian and New Zealand, December 2013, pp 1910-1916. 

    Lyle, G., Kilpatrick, A. and Ostendorf, B. (2009). "I can't be green if I'm in the red!" The creation of high resolution broad scale economic estimates to assist in the decision to adopt alternative land uses in the SA cropping region. In: Ostendorf, B., Baldock, P., Bruce, D., Burdett, M. and Corcoran, P. (eds.), Proceedings of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute Biennial International Conference, Adelaide 2009, Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute, pp. 1259-1270. ISBN: 978-0-9581366-8-6

    Conference Presentations

    Schroeder, T., Kilpatrick, A., Lewis, M., Moseby, K. (2013). Spatial and temporal interactions between dingoes, cats and foxes in South Australia's arid zone. Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference 2013. Armstrong, D.P. (eds). Palmerston North, New Zealand.

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Warren-Smith, S.C., Read, J.L., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B. (2012) Developments in monitoring rangelands using remotely-sensed cross-fence comparisons. XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Melbourne, Australia.

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B., Read, J.L., Warren-Smith, S. (2011) Rangeland monitoring using remotely-sensed cross-fence comparisons. IX International Rangeland Congress, Rosario, Argentina.

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B. (2011) Designing paired sample rangeland experiments: Spatial variance considerations. IX International Rangeland Congress, Rosario, Argentina.

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B. (2010) Premise testing of a methodology using models: rangeland monitoring using remotely sensed cross-fence comparisons. 15th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference, Alice Springs, Australia

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B., Read, J.L., Warren-Smith, S. (2010) Rangeland monitoring using remotely-sensed, cross-fence comparisons. Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute, Spatial Information Day 2010, Adelaide, Australia.

    Kilpatrick, A.D., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B., Read, J.L., Warren-Smith, S. (2008) Rangeland condition monitoring: using remotely-sensed, cross-fence comparison methodology. 14th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference, Darwin, Australia.


    Collard, S.J., Kilpatrick, A., O'Connor, P.J. (2013). Biodiversity monitoring with birds in the South Australian Murray Darling Basin, Nature Conservation Society of South Australia, Adelaide.

    Lewis, M., Turner, D., Kilpatrick, A., Arbon, K. (2011). Remote sensing tools for assessing land condition in the Gawler Bioregion. Report by The University of Adelaide to the South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board, Port Augusta.

    Lyle,G., Clarke,K., Hobbs,T., Kilpatrick, A., Summers, D., Ostendorf, B.
    (2009) Land Use Planning for Sustainable Production Systems.  Report to SA
    Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation. pp 120.

    Kilpatrick, A., Gilbert, B. and Newman, J. (2006). Threshold densities for Burrowing Bettongs at Arid Recovery. School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide. Arid Recovery Technical Report 2006 (6).

  • Professional Associations

    Member (Student) Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), Australia

    Member (Student) Australian Rangeland Society

  • Community Engagement

    Team Leader, Youth Program Review, 2015, Scouts Australia. (The first review of the entirety of Scouts Australia since the early 1970s).

    Program Advisor Branch Venturer Section (former Branch (State) Commissioner Venturers) and Bushwalking Team Member, Scout Association of Australia (SA Branch). My Scouting work focuses mostly on promoting, motivating and inspiring adventure and international friendship. E.g.:

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesEnvironment, Science & Technology
    Expertiserangelands; monitoring rangelands; desertification; overgrazing; remote sensing; GIS; dingos; feral cats; foxes; rabbits; arid ecology; deserts; sustainability; landscape ecology; Scouts
    NotesPlease see my university website

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