Professor Alex Reilly

Professor Alex Reilly
 Position Director - Public Law & Policy Research Unit
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3596
 Location Floor/Room 3 20 ,  Ligertwood Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Alex is the Director of the Public Law and Policy Research Unit at the University of Adelaide. 

    Alex works in the area of migration, citizenship, constitutional law, and Indigenous legal issues. Alex takes a broad socio-political approach to studying these areas of law, drawing on the knowledge and insights of other disciplines such as history, geography, psychology and politics to critique accepted approaches to regulation.

  • Qualifications

    1995-96 LL.M. (University of British Columbia)

    1993 Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (University of South Australia)

    1991 LL.B.(Hons.) (University of Adelaide)

    1989 B.A.(Juris.) (University of Adelaide)

  • Awards & Achievements

    2016  Inaugural recipient of Faculty of the Professions Values Recognition Programme

    2016 University of Adelaide Beacon Commendation for the Enhancement and Innovation of Student Learning

    2015 Executive Dean Award for Excellence in Teaching 2015, University of Adelaide

    2007 Outstanding Teacher Award, Macquarie University

  • Teaching Interests

    Australian Constitutional Law (2010 - 2016)

    Foundations of Law (2008 - 2016)

    Migration Law and Policy (2012, 2015)

    Refugee Law and Policy (2013, 2016)

    Being Indigenous in a Global World (Study Tour, 2015)

    Aboriginal Peoples and the Law (2016)


  • Research Interests

    Migration law, Refugee law, Labour Law, Citizenship, Constitutional Law, Indigenous legal issues


  • Research Funding

    2016   Fair Work Ombudsman, INternational Students and the Fairwork Ombudsman, $55,000 (joint CI)

    2016    Horticulture Innovation Australia (Cat 1 funding), Labour Supply in Vegetable Industry $238,000 (with Joanna Howe, Di Van Den Broek and Chris Wright)

    2016   “Assessing the Economic, Social and Health Outcomes for Migrant Workers in the

                  State Sponsored Employment Schemes”. $23,500 (CI) (with George Tan, Joanna

                  Howe, Di Trunbull, Clemence Due, Andreas Cebulla and Anna Ziersch)

    2016    Category 1 Funding Support, Faculty of the Professions, $3,500

    2016    Aim for the Stars $4,000  (with Assoc Prof Matthew Stubbs)

    2016   Migration visas and workplace exploitation and discrimination: regulatory and  

                 complaints mechanisms to protect health and wellbeing $19,910.00 (with Anna

                 Ziersch, Clemence Due, Joanna Howe)

    2015    Law Foundation of South Australia, Support for Indigenous Study tour $63,500 (with Laura Grenfell)

    2015    Faculty Learning and Development Grant $9,920

    2015    Momentum Fund, Faculty of the Professions, $4,500

    2015    Aim for the Stars  $2,500 (with Laura Grenfell)

    2015    Beacon grant, University of Adelaide $5000

    2015    Cat-1 Support Fund, Faculty of the Professions –$5,000


    2013    University of Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Research Fund - $23,000 (with Graeme Hugo

                 and Joanna Howe)

  • Publications



    Australian Public Law 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, 2014). (with Gabrielle Appelby and Laura Grenfell)


    Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility (University of Hawaii Press, 2013) (with Julie Evans, Ann Genovese and Patrick Wolfe (eds))


    Australian Public Law (Oxford University Press, 2011) (with Gabrielle Appelby, Laura Grenfell and Wendy Lacey)


    Rights and Redemption: Indigenous Peoples, History, and Law (UNSW Press, 2008). (with Ann Curthoys and Ann Genovese)




    'Deliberative Democracy' in Ros Dixon and Gabrielle Appleby (eds),

    Constitutional Critical Thinking: Re-reading Monis v The Queen (2016) (with Peter Burdon)


    ‘The Membership of Migrant Workers and the Ethical Limits of Exclusion’ in Joanna Howe and Rosemary Owens (eds), Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Changes (2016)



    Sovereign Apologies’ in Julie Evans, Ann Genovese, Alexander Reilly and Patrick Wolfe, Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility (University of Hawaii Press, 2013).


    (2006): "Making Space for Place in the Mapping of Indigenous Country" in Gus Worby and Lester-Irabinna Rigney (eds) Sharing Spaces: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Responses to Story, Country and Rights, 255 - 274.




    Unveiling the Public INterest: The Parameters of Executive Discretion in Australian Migration Legislation (2017) 28 Public Law Review 292 (with Gabrielle Appleby)


    'Voting Rights of Permanent Residents' (2016) 39(1) University of New South Wales Law Journal (with Tiziana Torresi).


    'Meeting Australia's Labour Needs: The Case for a New Low-Skill Work Visa' (2015) 43 Federal Law Review 259 - 287. (with Joanna Howe)


    'Low-cost labour or cultural exchange? Reforming the Working Holiday visa programme' (2015) 26(3) The Economic and Labour Relations Review 474–489.


    'Recovering the foundations of Koowarta: the struggle of the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission to Purchase Land in Queensland' (2014) 23(1) Griffith Law Review 61 -78.


    ‘To watch, to never look away’: The public’s responsibility for Australia’s offshore processing of asylum seekers' (2014) 39(3) Alternative Law Journal (with Gabrielle Appleby and Rebecca La Forgia).


    Book Review: 'Martin Ruhs, The Price of Rights: Regulating International Labour Migration 2013' (2014) 35(1) Adelaide Law Review 189-192.


    'Confusion of Tongues: Constitutional Recognition of Languages and Language Rights in Australia' (2013) 41 Federal Law Review 333 - 362.


    ‘Secret “Enhanced Screening” of Asylum Seekers: A Democratic Analysis centring on the humanity of the Commonwealth Officer’ (2013) 38 (3) Alternative Law Journal 143-146. (with Rebecca LaForgia)


    ‘Protecting vulnerable migrant workers: The case of international students’ (2012) 25 Australian Journal of Labour Law 181-208.


    ‘The Ethics of Seasonal Labour Migration’ (2011) 20 Griffith Law Review 127–152.


     "The Constitutional Validity of Terrorism Orders of Control and Preventative Detention" (2007) 10 Flinders Journal of Law Reform 105-142. (with Andrew Lynch)


    "How Mabo Helps us Forget" (2006) 6 Macquarie Law Journal 25 - 46.


    "A Constitutional Framework for Indigenous Governance" (2006) 28 Sydney Law Review 403-435.


    "Claiming the Past: Historical Understanding in Australian Native Title Jurisprudence" (2004) 4 Indigenous Law Journal 19 - 42. (With Ann Genovese)


    "Cartography, Property and the Aesthetics of Place: Mapping Native TItle in Australia" (2004) 34 Studies in Law, Politics and Society 221-240.


    "Cartography and Native Title" (2003) 79 Journal of Australian Studies 1-15.


    "Can Liberalism be PC? Duncan Ivison’s Postcolonial Liberalism" (2003) 28 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 171 - 188.


    "From a Jurisprudence of Regret to a Regretful Jurisprudence: Shaping Native Title from Mabo to Ward" (2002) 9(4) Murdoch University E-Law Journal.


    "Dedicated Seats for Indigenous Australians in Federal Parliament" 2(1) Balayi: Culture, Law and Colonialism 73 -103.


    "The Ghost of Truganini: Use of Historical Evidence As Proof Of Native Title" (2000) 28 Federal Law Review 453 - 475.


    "Reading the Race Power: a hermeneutic analysis" (1999) 23 Melbourne University Law Review 476 - 498.



  • Professional Associations

    Public Law and Policy Research Unit

    Australian Population and Migration Research Centre

    Australian Association of Constitutional Lawyers

    Australian Lawyers for Human Right

    Refugee Council of Australia

  • Community Engagement

    2015 & 2016   Member of the Board of the Refugee Advocacy Service of South Australia

    September 2014 - Invited member of Labour Migration Panel at the Migration Update Conference, Adelaide.

    February 2014 - Presentation on Australian Refugee Law and Policy' to the Centre for Population and Policy, UGM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    November 2013 - Participant in the UNHCR Annual consultations in Canberra

    October 2013 - Interview on Radio National Bush Telegraph, 'Asylum Seekers in Rural Communities', 

    October 2013 - Presentation to Amnesty International Club, 'A critique of Australia's Off-shore processing regime'.

    August 2013 - Presentation to the South Australian Refugee Health Network, 'The Law and Politics of regional processing of refugees'

    July 2013 - Convenor of Forum on Refugee Law and Policy, Presentation on the ethical questions underpinning the formation of refugee policy.


    SUBMISSIONS TO Government and Parliamentary Inquiries

    August 2015: Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration inquiry into the Seasonal Worker Programme (with Joanna Howe)

    May 2015: Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations (with Peter Burdon, Anna Olijnyk, and Sylvia Villios)

    May 2015: The impact of Australia's temporary work visa programs on the Australian Labour market and on the temporary work visa holders (with Joanna Howe)

    April 2015: Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Maintaining the Good Order of Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2015 (with the assistance from law students Sofia Kette, Karolinka Dawidziak-Pacek, Callum Disario and Peter Makestas)

    March 2015: Submission in response to the ALRC’s interim report into Rights and Freedoms in Commonwealth laws (with Rosemary Owens, Andrew Stewart, Dr Judith Bannister, Cornelia Koch and Dr Anna Olijnyk.)

    February 2015: Submission to the ALRC inquiry into Traditional Rights and Freedoms – Encroachment of Commonwealth Laws (with input from Rosemary Owens, Andrew Stewart, Judith Bannister, Cornelia Koch and Anna Olijnyk).

    February 2015: Response to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Discussion Paper, “Off Shore Refugee and Humanitarian Visas: Creating a Simpler Framework” (with Ms Libby Hogarth, Director of Australian Migration Options).

    January 2015: Response to the Proposal Paper: Simplification of the skilled migration and temporary activity visa programmes – December 2014 (with Joanna Howe).

    January 2015: Submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry into the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (Improved Oversight and Resourcing) Bill 2014 (with Gabrielle Appleby, Adam Webster and Laura Grenfell).

    November 2014 - Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry into the Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment (Resolving the Asylum Legacy Caseload) Bill 2014 (with Libby Hogarth, Director of Australian Migration Options)

    November 2014 - Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry into Australian Citizenship and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

    October 2014 - Submisison to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Review of Skilled MIgration and 400 Series visa programs (with Joanna Howe)

    September 2014 Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Commonwealth Parliament (with Gabrielle Appleby, Laura Grenfell, Rebecca La Forgia, Matthew Stubbs).

    June 2014 Submission to Inquiry into The Criminal Law Consolidation (Provocation) Amendment Bill 2013, Legislative Review Committee, SA Parliament (with Kellie Toole, Ngaire Naffine and Ian Leader-Elliott).

    November 2013   Submission to Federalism reform - National Commission of Audit (with Gabrielle Appleby, Matthew Stubbs, Adam Webster, and John Williams)

    May 2013  Submission to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee: Framework and Operation of Subclass 457 Visas, Enterprise Migration Agreements and Regional Migration Agreement, Commonwealth Parliament (with Joanna Howe) 

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesLaw, Crime & Justice, Social Issues & Public Policy
    ExpertiseMigration; Immigration; Refugees; Asylum Seekers; Pacific Seasonal Workers, International Students, Indigenous recognition and rights, Constitutional law

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