Associate Professor Amanda Lecouteur

Associate Professor Amanda Lecouteur
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Psychology
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5557
 Location Floor/Room 5 10 ,  Hughes ,   North Terrace
  • Research Interests

    Conversation Analysis, Discursive Social Psychology, Gender & Health, Learning & Teaching, Elite Athletes & Achievement.


    Recent Publications

    LeCouteur, A. & Cosh, S. (In press, 2016). Conversation Analysis in Sport and Exercise. In B. Smith & A, Sparkes (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, pp. 243-259. London Routledge.  

    Cosh, S., Crabb, S., Kettler, L., LeCouteur, A. & Tully, P. J. (2015). The normalisation of body regulation and monitoring practices in elite sport: A discursive analysis of news delivery sequences during skinfold testing. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 7(3): 338-360.


    Ekberg, K. & LeCouteur, A. (2015). Clients’ resistance to therapists’ proposals: Managing epistemic and deontic status. Journal of Pragmatics, 90(1): 12-25.


    Ekberg, S.J. & LeCouteur, A. (2014). Making arrangements in talk-in-interaction, Text and Talk, 32(4): 377-400.


    Ekberg, K. & LeCouteur, A. (2014). Co-Implicating and Re-Shaping Clients' Suggestions for Behavioural Change in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practice. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 11(1): 60-77.


    O'Keefe, M., Wade, V., McAllister, S., Stupans, I., Miller, J., Burgess, T., LeCouteur, A., Starr, L. (2014). Rethinking attitudes to student clinical supervision and patient care: a change management success story. BMC Medical Education, 14(1): 1-8.       


    Booth, A., LeCouteur, A. & Chur-Hansen, A. (2013). The impact of the desktop computer on rheumatologist-patient consultations. Clinical Rheumatology, 32(3): 391-393.


    Cosh, S., Crabb, S., & LeCouteur, A. (2013). Elite athletes and retirement: Identity, choice and agency. Australian Journal of Psychology, 65(2): 89-97.


    Cosh, S., Crabb, S., & LeCouteur, A., & Kettler, L. (2013). Career transitions and identity: A discursive psychological approach to exploring athlete identity in retirement and the transition back into elite sport. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise  and Health, 5(1): 21-42.


    Feo, R. & LeCouteur, A. (2013). ‘I just want to talk’: Establishing Reason for Call on a Men's Counselling Helpline. Australian Feminist Studies, 28 (75): 65-80.


    O’Neill, K., & LeCouteur, A. (2013). Naming the problem: A membership categorization analysis study of family therapy. Journal of Family Therapy, 36(3): 268-286.


    Cosh, S., Crabb, S., LeCouteur, A., & Kettler, L. (2012). Accountability, monitoring and surveillance: Body regulation in elite sport. Journal of Health Psychology, 17(4): 610–622.


    LeCouteur, A., & Feo, R. (2011). Real-time communication during play: An analysis of team-mates’ talk and interaction. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 12(2): 124-134.


    LeCouteur, A., & Oxlad, M. (2011). Membership categorization, morality and the management of accountability in descriptions of domestic violence. Feminism & Psychology, 21(1): 5-28.


    Simmons, K., & LeCouteur, A. (2011). ‘Hypothetical active-voicing’: Therapists’ ‘modelling’ of clients’ future conversations in CBT interactions. Journal of Pragmatics, 43(13): 3177-3192.


    Hodgetts, K. & LeCouteur, A. (2010). Constructing disadvantage: Public accounts of boys’ under-achievement in education. Feminism & Psychology, 20(1): 73-93.


    O’Keefe, M., LeCouteur, A., Miller, J., & Mc Gowan, U. (2009). The Colleague Development Program: A multidisciplinary program of peer observation partnership. Medical Teacher, 31(12): 1060-1065.


    Augoustinos, M., Russin, A., & LeCouteur, A. (2009). Representations of the stem-cell cloning fraud. Public Understanding of Science, 18: 687-703.


    Crisp, G., Turnbull, D., Nettelbeck, T., Ward, L., LeCouteur, A., Sarris, A., Strelan, P., Palmer, E., & Schneider, L. (2009).  Student Expectations of University. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 6, Iss. 1, Article 3.


    Simmons, K., & LeCouteur, A. (2008). Modern racism in the media: Constructions of ‘the possibility of change’ in two Australian riots. Discourse & Society, 19: 667- 687.


    Augoustinos, M., LeCouteur, A., & Fogarty, K. (2007). Apologizing-in-Action: On saying ‘sorry’ to Indigenous Australians. In A. Hepburn & S. Wiggins (Eds.), Discursive Research in Practice: New Approaches to Psychology and Interaction, pp. 88-103. Cambridge: CUP.


    O’Doherty, K., & LeCouteur, A. (2007). ‘Asylum Seekers’, ‘Boat People’ & ‘Illegal Immigrants’: Social Categorisation in the Media. Australian Journal of Psychology, 59:1-12.


    LeCouteur, A. (2007). Capitalising on students’ interest in Psychology. InPsych: Bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society, 29(3): 22-23.


    Recent Conference Presentations

    LeCouteur, A. & Lopriore, S. (2015). Men’s calls to a government-funded national health helpline.  Hong Kong International Conference on Social Sciences (HKICSS).


    Lopriore, S.  & LeCouteur, A.  (2015). Structural organization & interactional difficulty in men’s calls to a medical helpline. 5th International Conference on Conversation Analysis & Clinical Encounters (CACE) Loughborough University, UK.


    Lopriore, S. & LeCouteur, A. (2015). Call Organisation and Difficulty in Men’s Calls to a Medical Helpline. South Australian Men’s Health Symposium. Adelaide, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.


    LeCouteur, A. & Lopriore, S. (2015). Men's calls to a government-funded national health helpline. 14th International Pragmatics Association Conference. Antwerp.


    Cole, L. & LeCouteur, A. (2015). Power, choice and responsibility in medically managed births. Adelaide University Florey Post-graduate Conference.


    Stothard, C., LeCouteur, A., & Heyer, R. (2015). Does “one size fit all”? Modelling Army’s organisational capacity to learn using structural equation analysis. Adelaide University Florey Post-graduate Conference.


    Cole, L. & LeCouteur, A. (2015). What Drives Delivery? Motherhood Matters Symposium, Australian Psychological Society. Melbourne.


    Feo, R. & LeCouteur, A. (2014). Advice resistance on a men’s relationship-counselling helpline: An interactional tug-of-war. Men, Health & Well-being: Critical Insights Conference. Leeds Beckett University, UK.


    Lopriore, S. & LeCouteur, A. (2014). Institutional tasks and interactional difficulty in men’s calls to a medical helpline. The 9th Australasian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Conference (AIEMCA). University of Waikato, NZ.


    Wong, W., Fidock, J., LeCouteur, A., & Talbot, S. (2014).  Applying organisational learning concepts to the Australian Defence acquisition process: A case study of the Land121 project. Defence Human Sciences Symposium 2014: Crossing Discipline Boundaries: Integrating the Human Sciences into Defence and National Security Research. Adelaide, SA.





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