Mr Andrew Bradley

Mr Andrew Bradley
 Position PhD Candidate - Geotechnical Engineering
 Org Unit School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering
 Telephone +61 8 8313 0591
 Location Floor/Room 2 04 ,  Engineering North ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Andrew is currently studying the effectiveness of a relatively new soil improvement technique, rolling dynamic compaction (RDC), in fulfillment of a PhD at the University of Adelaide. RDC is performed by towing a non-cylindrical shaped, typically 3 to 5 sided, module behind a tractor or loader of sorts between 9 to 12 km/hr. Currently, the effectiveness and extent by which RDC improves the underlying soil is largely unknown.

    Utilising finite element modelling techniques, such as used within Abaqus and LS-DYNA, Andrew is currently developing a non-linear dynamic model that is shown to be representative of RDC with respect to a field study. Upon the completion of such a model, a rigorous parametric study will be performed as to investigate how differing module and initial soil conditions influence the effectiveness of RDC.

    Furthermore, Andrew has held offices of representation and involved in volunteering programs whilst attending the university. Key undertakings include, but not limited to:

    • Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Postgraduate Representative (2013, 2015)
    • School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering Postgraduate Representative (2015)
    • Project Leader at Young Professionals Group
    • Talking with Aussies Volunteer Program
  • Qualifications

    ·  Currently undertaking a Ph.D. (University of Adelaide).

    ·  B.Eng.(Hons.) / B.Econ. (University of Adelaide, 2012)


    Professor Mark Jaksa - School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering, Adelaide University

    Dr Yien-Lik Kuo - School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering, Adelaide University

  • Teaching Interests


    • Computer Methods of Structural Analysis (C&ENVENG 4068)
    • Engineering Mechanics - Statics (C&ENVENG 1010)
    • Civil & Environmental Engineering IA (C&ENVENG1009)


    • Geotechnical Engineering Design III (C&ENVENG 3012)
    • Geotechnical Engineering IIA (C&ENVENG 2069)


  • Research Interests

    ·  Finite elemental modelling;

    ·  Artificial neural networks;

    ·  Soil mechanics;

    ·  Dynamic soil improvement methods; and

    ·  Computer applications in geotechnical engineering.

  • Publications

    ·  Kuo, Y.L., Jaksa M.B., Scott B.T., Bradley A.C., Power C.N., Crisp A.C., Jiang J.H. (2013). Assessing the Effectiveness of Rolling Dynamic Compaction. Proc. 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Paris, pp. 1309-1312.

    ·  Bradley A.C., Crisp A.C., Jiang J., Power C. (2012). Assessing the Effectiveness of RDC using LS-DYNA. Adelaide, Australia: B.Eng.(Hons.), The University of Adelaide.

  • Professional Associations

    Linkedin: Andrew Bradley - Profile

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