Dr Andrew Linn

Dr Andrew Linn
  • Biography/ Background

    MBBS Years 1-3 Coordinator, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Education

    PhD Candidate, Medicine Learning and Teaching Unit

    Dr Andrew Linn graduated from The Univeristy of Adelaide M.B.,B.S. program in 2003 and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He is currently undertaking a PhD focussed on a "Systems Approach to Assessment of Clinical Reasoning: A Three Year Program for Early Undergraduate Medical Students". His current research interests include medical curricula, teaching and assessment of clinical reasoning and medical professionalism.

  • Qualifications


  • Publications

    Linn AMJ, Duggan P and Tonkin A 2013. Standard setting of script concordance tests using an adapted Nedelsky approach. Medical Teacher 35:314-9


    Nelson AJ, Nelson SV, Linn AMJ, Raw LE, Kildea HB and Tonkin AL 2013. Tomorrow’s educators…today? Implementing near-peer teaching for medical students. Medical Teacher 35(2):156-9


    Linn A, Khaw C, Kildea H and Tonkin A 2012. Clinical reasoning: A guide to improving teaching and practice. Australian Family Physician 41(1/2):18-20


    Stocks NP, Frank O, Linn AM, Anderson K and Meertens S 2011. Vertical integration of teaching in Australian general practice – a survey of regional training providers. Medical Journal of Australia 194(11):S75-8


    Khaw C, Tonkin A, Kildea H and Linn A 2011. Peer observer feedback sheets: A tool for structured peer feedback. Focus on Health Professional Education: A Multi-disciplinary Journal 12(5):41-52


    Sutton-Smith P, Parkinson IH, Linn AMJ, Kooke SA and Fazzalari NL 2006. Trabecular rod buckling index in thoraco-lumbar vertebral bone. Clinical Anatomy 19:12-18.

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