Professor Andrew Stewart

Professor Andrew Stewart
 Position John Bray Professor of Law
 Org Unit Adelaide Law School
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4445
 Location Floor/Room 2 24 ,  Ligertwood Building ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Andrew is the John Bray Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide. His main interests lie in employment law and workplace relations, contract law and intellectual property. His most recent publications include new editions of Creighton and Stewart's Labour Law, Stewart's Guide to Employment Law and Intellectual Property in Australia. He is part of several teams awarded Australian Research Council funding, including Discovery Grants to examine the regulation of post-secondary work experience and the organisation of work through digital platforms, and a Linkage Grant to study the role of industrial tribunals in facilitating workplace cooperation.

    Besides working as a consultant with the national law firm Piper Alderman, Andrew has provided expert advice to the International Labour Organisation, to Federal and State governments in Australia and to a wide range of other organisations. His recent work has included major reports commissioned by the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Department of Employment on unpaid internships, and by the Fair Work Commission on equal remuneration claims. Prior to that, he advised the Australian government on the drafting and structure of the Fair Work legislation.

    Andrew is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, an Editor of the Australian Journal of Labour Law and co-director of the Adelaide Law School's research group on Work and Employment Regulation. He has previously been Chair of the Committee of Australian Law Deans and President of the Industrial Relations Society of South Australia. Before taking up his current post he worked at the University of Sydney and at Flinders University, where he was Dean of Law from 1994-1997.

  • Qualifications

    BA (Hons) in Jurisprudence, BCL (Oxon)

  • Teaching Interests

    Employment/workplace law

  • Research Interests

    Employment law and workplace relations
    Intellectual property

  • Publications

    Recent publications (since 2013) include:


    Intellectual Property in Australia (with William van Caenegem, Judith Bannister, Adam Liberman and Charles Lawson), 6th ed, LexisNexis Butterworths, Sydney, 2018

    Creighton and Stewart's Labour Law (with Anthony Forsyth, Mark Irving, Richard Johnstone and Shae McCrystal), 6th ed, Federation Press, Sydney, 2016

    Stewart's Guide to Employment Law, 5th ed, Federation Press, Sydney, 2015

    Multinational Human Resource Management and the Law: Common Workplace Problems in Different Legal Environments (with Matthew Finkin, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Takashi Araki, Philipp Fischinger, Roberto Fragale Filho and Bernd Waas), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham (UK) and Northampton, Ma (US), 2013

    Independent Contractors: A Practical Guide (with Piper Alderman), CCH Australia, Sydney 2013


    Unpaid Work Experience in Australia: Prevalence, Nature and Impact (with Damian Oliver, Paula McDonald and Anne Hewitt), Department of Employment, Canberra, 2016

    Equal Remuneration under the Fair Work Act 2009 (with Robyn Layton QC and Meg Smith), Fair Work Commission, Melbourne, 2013

    Experience or Exploitation? The Nature, Prevalence and Regulation of Unpaid Work Experience, Internships and Trial Periods in Australia (with Rosemary Owens), Fair Work Ombudsman, Melbourne, 2013


    “At the Intersection of Education and Work: Young People, Equality and Regulation of the Labour Market” (with Anne Hewitt, Rosemary Owens and Joanna Howe) in J Howe, A Chapman and I Landau (eds), The Evolving Project of Labour Law, Federation Press, Sydney, 2017, pp 102–116

    “Labour Regulation, Work Experience and Youth: Lessons from the Scholarship of Ann Numhauser-Henning” (with Rosemary Owens, Anne Hewitt and Joanna Howe) in M Rönnmar and J Julén Votinius (eds), Festskrift till Ann Numhauser-Henning, Juristförlaget, Lund, 2017, pp 643–659

    "Continuity and Change in Australian Labour Regulation: Work Choices, Fair Work and the Role of the ‘Independent Umpire’” in K Hancock and R D Lansbury (eds), Industrial Relations Reform: Looking to the Future, Federation Press, Sydney, 2016, pp 40–65

    "Job Loss" (wuth Joanna Howe and Esther Sanchez) in M W Finkin and G Mundlak (eds), Comparative Labor Law, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham (UK) and Northampton, Ma (US), 2015, pp 268–295

    "Regulating for Job Quality" (with Jill Murray) in A Knox and C Warhurst (eds), Job Quality in Australia, Federation Press, Sydney, 2015, pp 37-62

    “Industrial Relations” (with Elise Jenkin) in J Spoehr (ed), State of South Australia: Turbulent Times, Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2013, pp 280–300



    "Shall I Compare Thee to a Fitter and Turner? The Role of Comparators in Pay Equity Regulation’ Australian Journal of Labour Law" (with Meg Smith) (2017) 30 Australian Journal of Labour Law 113

    "Regulating Work in the Gig Economy: What are the Options?" (with Jim Stanford) (2017) 28 Economic & Labour Relations Review 420

    "Regulating for Decent Work Experience: Meeting the Challenge of the Rise of the Intern" (with Rosemary Owens) (2016) 155 International Labour Review 679

    “Swimming against the Tide: New Challenges for Unions under Australian Labour Law” (with Anthony Forsyth) (2016) 38 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 99

    “Swimming Against the Tide? Australian Labour Regulation and the Fissured Workplace” (with Richard Johnstone) (2015) 37 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 55

    “‘Promoting Cooperative and Productive Workplace Relations’: Exploring the Fair Work Commission’s New Role” (with Mark Bray, Johanna Macneil and Sarah Oxenbridge) (2014) 27 Australian Journal of Labour Law 258

    “Equal Remuneration and the Social and Community Services Case: Progress or Diversion on the Road to Pay Equity?” (with Meg Smith) (2014) 27 Australian Journal of Labour Law 31

    “From the Arbitration System to the Fair Work Act:  The Changing Approach in Australia to Voice and Representation at Work” (with Mark Bray) (2013) 34 Adelaide Law Review 21

    “Resolving Disputes over Employment Rights in Australia” (with Ron McCallum and Joellen Riley) (2013) 34 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 843

    “Contractual Penalties: Resurrecting the Equitable Jurisdiction” (with John Carter, Wayne Courtney, Elisabeth Peden and Greg Tolhurst) (2013) 30 Journal of Contract Law 99

    "What is Distinctive About the Fair Work Regime?" (with Mark Bray) (2013) 26 Australian Journal of Labour Law 20; republished as  “What is Distinctive About the Fair Work Regime?” in S L Willborn and A C Neal (eds), Yearbook of Comparative Labour Law Scholarship 2014, Lancaster House, Toronto, 2014, pp 261–300

    "Of ‘Kamikazes' and ‘Mad Men': The Fallout from the Qantas Industrial Dispute" (with Anthony Forsyth) (2013) 36 Melbourne University Law Review 785


  • Professional Associations

    Australian Academy of Law

    National Tertiary Education Union

    Research Associate, National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University

    Industrial Relations Society of South Australia (President, 2001-03)

    International Labour and Employment Relations Association

    Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand

    Australian Labour Law Association (President, 2009-)

    Associate, Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, University of Melbourne

    Overseas Correspondent, Committee on International Studies of the National Academy of Arbitrators (North America)

    Law Society of South Australia (Industrial Relations Committee, 2009-2012)

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesEmployment & IR, Law, Crime & Justice
    Expertiseemployment law; industrial law; workplace relations; industrial relations
    Mobile0437 383 413

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