Dr Ann McNeill

Dr Ann McNeill
 Position Adjunct Associate Professor
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Email ann.mcneill@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 8108
 Location Floor/Room 1 12 ,  John Davies ,   Waite
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  • Publications

    Recent Book/Book chapters

    Davey RS, McNeill AM, Barnett SJ and Gupta VVSR (2010) Influence of carbon input to soil on populations of specific organisms linked to biological disease suppression of Rhizoctonia root rot pp 61-65 In: The Rovira Symposium Ed VVSR Gupta The Crawford Fund

    Ryan J, Ibrikci H, Sommer R and McNeill A (2009) Nitrogen in Rainfed and Irrigated Cropping Systems in the Mediterranean Region In Advances in Agronomy Ed. D L Sparks pp 53-135. Academic Press.

    McNeill A.M. and Unkovich M.J (2007) The Nitrogen Cycle in Terrestrial Ecosystems pp37-64 In "Nutrient Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems" Ed: Z. Rengel and P. Marschner Springer Verlag

    Unkovich M.J., Pate J.S., McNeill A.M. and Gibbs J. Editors (2001) Stable Isotope Techniques in the study of Biological Processes and Functioning of Ecosystems. Kluwer Academic Publishers Amsterdam.

    Invited Reviews

    Chalk PM, Peoples MB, McNeill AM, Boddey RM, Unkovich MJ, Gardener MJ, Silva CF, Chen DL (2014) Methodologies for estimating nitrogen transfer between legumes and companion species in agro-ecosystems: A review of 15N-enriched techniques Soil Biology and Biochemistry 73 , 10-21

    Richardson A, Barea J-M, McNeill A, Prigent-Combaret C (2009) Acquisition of phosphorus and nitrogen in the rhizosphere and plant growth promotion by microorganisms. Plant and Soil 321, 305-339.

    McNeill AM and Penfold CM (2009) Potential agronomic options for management of phosphorus in Australian rain-fed organic and low input broadacre farming systems Crop and Pasture Science 60 (2) 163-182


    Recent journal publications

    1. Foyjunnessa, McNeill A, Doolette A, Mason S, McLaughlin MJ (2016) Use of 33P to trace in situ the fate of canola below-ground phosphorus, including wheat uptake in two contrasting soils. Crop and Pasture Science 67, 726-738
    2. Moata M, Doolette A, Smernik R, McNeill A, Macdonald L (2016) Organic phosphorus speciation in Australian Red Chromosols: stoichiometric control Soil Research 54, 11-19
    3. Foyjunnessa, McNeill A, Doolette A, Mason S, McLaughlin MJ (2016) Quantifying total phosphorus accumulation below-ground by canola and lupin plants using P-33-labelling Plant and Soil 401, 39-50
    4. Smith S, Manjarrez M, Stonor R, McNeill A, Smith, FA (2015) Indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi contribute to wheat phosphate uptake in a semi-arid field environment, shown by tracking with radioactive phosphorus Applied Soil Ecology 96, 68-74
    5. Moata M, Smernik R, Doolette A, McNeill A, Macdonald L (2015) Improving Sensitivity of Solution P-31 NMR Analysis in Australian Xeralfs Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 46, 1034-1043
    6. Zhang Y, Mason S, McNeill A , McLaughlin MJ (2014) Application of the diffusive gradients in thin films technique for available potassium measurement in agricultural soils: Effects of competing cations on potassium uptake by the resin gel Analytica Chimica Acta 842, 27-34
    7. Foyjunnessa, McNeill A, Doolette A, Mason S, McLaughlin MJ (2014) In situ P-33-labelling of canola and lupin to estimate total phosphorus accumulation in the root system Plant and Soil 382, 291-299
    8. Zhang YL, Mason, S, McNeill A, McLaughlin MJ (2013) Optimization of the diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) method for simultaneous assay of potassium and plant-available phosphorus in soils Talanta 113, 123-129
    9. Mason SD, McLaughlin MJ, Johnston C, McNeill, A (2013) Soil test measures of available P (Colwell, resin and DGT) compared with plant P uptake using isotope dilution Plant and Soil 373, 711-722
    10. Shaw RE, Meyer, WS, McNeill A, Tyerman SD (2013) Waterlogging in Australian agricultural landscapes: a review of plant responses and crop models Crop and Pasture Science 64 549-562
    11. Marchuk A, Rengasamy P, McNeill A (2013) Influence of organic matter, clay mineralogy, and pH on the effects of CROSS on soil structure is related to the zetapotential of the dispersed clay Soil Research 51, 34-40
    12. Marchuk A, Rengasamy P, McNeill A, Kumar A. (2012) Nature of the clay-cation bond affects soil structure as verified by X-ray computed tomography. Soil Research 50 (8), 638-644
    13. Alamgir Md, McNeill A; Tang C, Marschner P (2012) Changes in soil P pools during legume residue decomposition: Soil Biology & Biochemistry 49, 70-77
    14. Jassogne, L; Hettiarachchi, G; McNeill A; Chittleborough, D (2012) Characterising the chemistry of micropores in a sodic soil with strong texture-contrast using synchrotron X-ray techniques and LA-ICP-MS Soil Research 50 (5),424-435
    15. Mat Hassan,Hasnuri; Marschner,Petra; McNeill,Ann; Tang,C (2012) Grain legume pre-crops and their residues affect the growth, P uptake and size of P pools in the rhizosphere of the following wheat Biol.Fert.Soils 48, 775-785
    16. Mat Hassan H, Marschner P, McNeill A and Tang C (2012) Growth, P uptake in grain legumes and changes in rhizosphere soil P pools. Biol.Fert.Soils 48, 151-159.
    17. Tracy S R, Black C R, Roberts J A, McNeill A, Davidson R, Tester M, Samec M, Korosak D, Sturrock C and Mooney S J (2012) Quantifying the effect of soil compaction on three varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using X-ray Micro Computed Tomography (CT). Plant Soil 353, 195-208.
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