Dr Brenton Hordacre

 Position Post Doctoral - Researcher
 Org Unit Adelaide Medical School
 Email brenton.hordacre@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1306
 Location Floor/Room G ,  WCH - Norwich Centre ,   Womens & Childrens Hospital
  • Qualifications

    2014:   PhD (Rehabilitation and Aged Care), Flinders University

    2010:   Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of South Australia



  • Awards & Achievements

    2014: Student conference travel award, Flinders University

    2014: PhD Student Publication Award, Flinders University

    2013: Seminar Prize, Centre for Neuroscience, Flinders University

    2013: Student conference travel award, Flinders University

    2013: PhD Student Publication Award, Flinders University

    2012: Student conference travel award, Flinders University

    2011: Student conference travel award, Flinders University


  • Research Funding

    2017 - 2020;     National Health and Medical Research Council - Early Career Fellowship (Peter Doherty), $318,768.00

    2017 - 2018;     Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation - Clinical Investigator Award, $85,000.00

    2016                The University of Adelaide, School of Medicine Equipment Grant, $8,047.71

    2016                The University of Adelaide; Interdisciplinary Research Funding, $42,015.00

    2015                Physiotherapy Research Foundation, $10,000.00

    2014                Flinders University of South Australia, $2,000.00

    2013                Flinders University of South Australia, $2,000.00

    2012                Foundation Daw Park, $5,000.00

    2012                Flinders University of South Australia, $2,000.00

    2011 - 2013     Australian Postgraduate Award, $75,000.00

    2011 - 2013     Department of Rehabilitation, Aged and Extended Care, Flinders University, $15,000.00

    2011                Flinders University of South Australia, $2,000.00

  • Publications

    Hordacre B (2017) Instrumented Analysis of Spatial Temporal Gait Variability as a Marker of Falls Risk to Assist Clinical Practice: A Brief Review. Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation 4:15-20.

    Hordacre B, Moezzi B, Goldsworthy MR, Rogasch NC, Graetz LJ, Ridding MC (2016) Resting state functional connectivity measures correlate with the response to anodal transcranial direct current stimulation. European Journal of Neuroscience accepted for publication (14/12/16).

    Hordacre B, Goldsworthy MR, Vallence AM, Darvishi S, Moezzi B, Hamada M, Rothwell JC, Ridding MC (2016) Variability in Neural Excitability and Plasticity Induction in the Human Cortex: A Brain Stimulation Study. Brain Stimulation accepted for publication (6/12/16).

    Hordacre B, Bradnam LV, Crotty M (2016) Reorganisation of the primary motor cortex following lower-limb amputation for vascular disease: A pre-post amputation comparison. Disability and Rehabilitation accepted for publication (27/6/16).

    Hordacre B, Rogasch NC, Goldsworthy MR (2016) Commentary: Utility of EEG measures of brain function in patients with acute stroke. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10:621.

    Hordacre B, Immink MA, Ridding MC, Hillier S (2016) Perceptual motor learning benefits from increased stress and anxiety. Human Movement Science 49:36-46.

    GoldsworthyMR, Hordacre B, Ridding MC (2016) Minimum number of trrthials required for within- and betwee-session reliability of TMS measures of corticospinal excitability. Neuroscience 320:205-9.

    Hordacre B, Crotty M, Pham C, Karnon J (2016) Evaluating the performance of amputee services at neighbouring hospitals: A risk adjusted performance analysis. Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice 5:77-83.

    Hordacre BG, Ridding MC, Bradnam LV (2015) The potential for non-invasive brain stimulation to improve function after amputation. Disability and Rehabilitation 38:1521-32.

    Hordacre B, Barr C, Crotty M (2015) Community activity and participation are reduced in transtibial amputee fallers: a wearable technology study. BMJ Innovations 1: 10-16.

    Hordacre B, Bradnam LV, Barr C, Patritti BL, Crotty M (2015) Intracortical inhibition is modulated by phase of prosthetic rehabilitation in transtibial amputees. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.

    Hordacre B, Ridding MC, Goldsworthy MR (2015) Response variability to non-invasive brain stimulation protocols. Clinical Neurophysiology 126:2249-50.

    Hordacre BG, Barr C, Patritti BL, Crotty M (2015) Assessing gait variability in transtibial amputee fallers based on spatial-temporal gait parameters normalized for walking speed. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 96:1162-1165.

    McDonnell MN, Koblar S, Ward NS, Rothwell JC, Hordacre B, Ridding MC (2015) An investigation of cortical neuroplasticity following stroke in adults: Is there evidence for a critical window for rehabilitation? BMC Neurology 15.

    Hordacre B, Bradnam LV, Barr C, Patritti BL, Crotty M (2014) Ipsilateral corticomotor excitability is associated with increased gait variability in unilateral transtibial amputees. European Journal of Neuroscience 40: 2454-2462.

    Hordacre B, Barr C, Crotty M (2014) Use of an activity monitor and GPS device to assess community activity and participation in transtibial amputees. Sensors (Switzerland) 14: 5845-5859.

    Hendy KA, Visser A, Hordacre B, Bradnam LV (2014) Afferent inhibition of infraspinatus primary motor cortex by stimulation of the suprascapular nerve. Brain Stimulation 7: 338-339.

    Maidment ZL, Hordacre BG, Barr CJ (2014) Effect of weekend physiotherapy provision on physiotherapy and hospital length of stay after total knee and total hip replacement. Australian Health Review 38: 265-270.

    Hordacre B, Birks V, Quinn S, Barr C, Patritti BL, Crotty M (2013) Physiotherapy rehabilitation for individuals with lower limb amputation: A 15-year clinical series. Physiotherapy Research International 18: 70-80.

    Hordacre B, Bradnam L (2013) Reorganisation of primary motor cortex in a transtibial amputee during rehabilitation: A case report. Clinical Neurophysiology 124: 1919-1921.

    Hordacre BG, Stevermuer T, Simmonds F, Crotty M, Eagar K (2013) Lower-limb amputee rehabilitation in Australia: Analysis of a national data set 2004-10. Australian Health Review 37: 41-47.

  • Professional Associations

    Australian Physiotherapy Association member

    SA Health Young Professionals Group


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