Associate Professor Brian O'Neill

 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit School of Chemical Engineering
 Telephone +61 8 8313 4116
 Location Floor/Room 2 06 ,  Engineering North ,   North Terrace
  • Research Interests

    • Wine processing
    • Mineral science and minerals processing
    • Geothermal energy - fluid-rock interactions
    • Biodiesel production from wastes
    • Water and wastewater treatment
    • Process control and dynamic simulation, artificial intelligence and evolutionary optimisation.
  • Publications

    • Mirsephai, A., Mohammadzaheri, M., Chen, L., O'Neill, B. 2012 “An artificial intelligence approach to inverse heat transfer modeling of an irradiative dryerInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 39 (1) , pp. 40-45
    • Tooth, B., Ciobanu, C.L., Green, L., O'Neill, B., Brugger, J. 2011 Bi-melt formation and gold scavenging from hydrothermal fluids: An experimental study  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75 (19) , pp. 5423-5443
    • Dixon, M.B., Falconet, C., Ho, L., Chow, C.W.K., O'Neill, B.K., Newcombe, G. 2011 Removal of cyanobacterial metabolites by nanofiltration from two treated waters  Journal of Hazardous Materials 188 (1-3) , pp. 288-295
    • Fang, X, Brugger, J, Qian, G, Ngothai, Y, O’Neill, B, Zhao, J, Pullen, S, Olsene, S, and Pring, A 2012, ‘Single-pass flow-through reaction cell for high-temperature and high-pressure in situ neutron diffraction studies of hydrothermal crystallization processes’, article in press.       
    • Wu, F, Ngothai, Y, Wei, J, Liu, C, O'Neill, B, Wu, Y 2012, ‘Premixed, injectable PLA-modified calcium deficient apatite biocement (cd-AB) with washout resistance’, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 92, pp 113-120. 
    • Dixon, MB, Richard, Y, Ho, L, Chow, CWK, O’Neill, BK, & Newcombe, GA 2011, ‘Coagulation-powdered activated carbon-ultrafiltration - Multiple barrier approach for removing toxins from two Australian cyanobacterial blooms’, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 186 (2-3) , pp. 1553-1559.
    • Smith, P, Ngothai, Y, Nguyen, QD, & O’Neill, B 2010, ‘The addition of alkoxy side-chains to biodiesel and the impact on flow properties’, Fuel, 89, no. 11, pp. 3517-3522.
    • Dixon, MB, Falconet, C, Ho, L, Chow, CWK, O’Neill, BK, Newcombe, G 2010, ‘Nanofiltration for the removal of algal metabolites and the effects of fouling’, Water Science and Technology, 61, no. 5, pp. 1189-1199.
    • Xia, F, O’Neill, B, Ngothai, Y, Peak, P, Tenailleau, C, Etschmann, B, Qian, G, Brugger, J, Studer, A, Olsen, S, & Pring, A 2010, ‘A thermosiphon-driven hydrothermal flow-through cell for in situ and time-resolved neutron diffraction studies”, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 43, pp. 511-519.
    • Brugger, J, Pring, A, Reith, F, Ryan, C, Etschmann, B, Liu, W, O’Neill, B, & Ngothai, Y 2010, ‘Probing ore deposits formation: New insights and challenges from synchrotron and neutron studies’, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 9, no. 2, pp. 151-161.
    • Smith, P, Ngothai, Y, Nguyen, QD, & O’Neill, B 2010, ‘Improving the low-temperature properties of biodiesel: Methods and consequences’, Renewable Energy, 35, no. 6, pp. 1145-1151
    • Xia, F, Brugger, J, Ngothai, Y, O'Neill, B, Chen, G, & Pring, A 2009, ‘Three-Dimensional Ordered Arrays of Zeolite Nanocrystals with Uniform Size and Orientation by a Pseudomorphic Coupled Dissolution-Reprecipitation Replacement Route’, Crystal Growth & Design, 9, no. 11, pp. 4902-4906.
    • Ridgway, N, Colby, CB, & O’Neill, BK 2009, ‘Slurry pump gland seal wear’, Tribology International, 42, no. 11-12, pp. 1715-1721.
    • Kuncoro, G, Ngothai, Y, Sweeney, D, O'Neill, B, & Kaeding, U 2009, ‘Investigation of potato starch and sonicated RAS as alternative carbon sources for biological nitrogen removal’, International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, 3, no. 3/4, pp. 226-235.
    • Smith, P, O’Neill, B, Ngothai, Y, & Nguyen, QD 2009, ‘Butoxylation of Butyl Biodiesel: Reaction Conditions and Cloud Point Impact’, Energy & Fuels, 23, no. 7, pp. 3798-3803.
    • Xia, F, Brugger, J, Chen, G, Ngothai, Y, O'Neill, B, Putnis, A, & Pring, A 2009, ‘Mechanism and kinetics of pseudomorphic mineral replacement reactions: A case study of the replacement of pentlandite by violarite’, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73, pp. 1945-1969.
    • Smith, P, Ngothai, Y, Nguyen, QD, & O’Neill, B 2009, ‘Alkoxylation of biodiesel and its impact on low-temperature properties’, Fuel, 88, no. 4, pp. 605-612.
    • Liu, L, Cozzolino, D, Cynkar, WU, Dambergs, RG, Janik, L, O'Neill, BK, Colby, CB, & Gishen, M 2008, ‘Preliminary study on the application of visible-near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics to classify Riesling wines from different countries’, Food Chemistry, 106, no. 2, pp. 781-786.
    • Low, LL, Colby CB, O’Neill, BK, Ford, C, Godden, J, & Ford, C 2008, ‘Economic evaluation of alternative Technologies for Tartrate Stabilization of Wines’, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 43, pp. 1202-1216.
    • Wittholz, M, O’Neill, B, Lewis, D, & Colby, C 2008, ‘Estimating the cost of desalination plants using a cost database’, Desalination, 229, pp. 10-20.
    • Xia, F, Zhou, J, Brugger, J, Ngothai, Y, O'Neill, B, Chen, G, & Pring, A 2008, ‘A novel route to synthesize complex metal sulfides: hydrothermal coupled dissolution-reprecipitation replacement reactions’, Chemistry of Materials, 20, pp. 2809-2817.
    • Xia, F, Chen, G, Pring, A, Brugger, J, Ngothai, Y, O'Neill, B, & Colby, C, Tenailleau, C, Wang, H, & Yang, Y 2007, ‘Kinetics and Mechanism of Hydrothermal Alteration from Pentlandite to Violarite’, Acta Geologica Sinica, 81, no. 10, pp. 1378-1390.
    • Xia, F, Zhou, J, Pring, A, Ngothai, Y, O'Neill, B, Brugger, J, Chen, G, & Colby, C 2007, ‘The role of pyrrhotite (Fe7S8) and the sample texture in the hydrothermal transformation of pentlandite ((Fe,Ni)9S8) to violarite ((Ni,Fe)3S4))’, Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters, 92, no. 2, pp. 257-266.
    • Muhlack, RA, Waters, EJ, Lim, A, O'Neill, BK, & Colby, CB, 2007, ‘An alternative method for purification of a major thaumatin-like grape protein (VVTL1) responsible for haze formation in white wines’, Asia-Pac J Chem Eng, 2, pp. 234-242.
    • Nordestgaard, S, Chuan, YP, O’Neill, B, Waters, E, Deans, L, Policki, P, & Colby, C 2007, ‘In-line Dosing of White Wine for Bentonite Fining with Centrifugal Clarification’, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 58, no. 2, pp. 283-285.

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