Dr Joe Anyanwu

Dr Joe Anyanwu
  • Biography/ Background

    Chika Anyanwu sees himself as a product of many worlds and an extension of contradiction, and came to share his diverse knowledge with the research culture of the University of Adelaide. Before arriving, he was the Coordinator of Mass Communications Degree at Curtin University of Technology in Perth. He previously taught at the University of Ibadan and at Usman Dan Fodio University (formerly the University of Sokoto) in Nigeria, and at the University of Papua New Guinea, where he established and headed the Media Arts program in the Faculty of Creative Arts. He migrated to Australia where he completed his PhD as well as taught in the Screen Studies Department at Flinders University. His research investigates how the media can synergise the dynamics of Western technology with the stability of Eastern traditions to create a sphere of an enriched, harmonious and all-embracing global village.
  • Qualifications

    BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts

    MA in Television

    PhD in Cinema

    Graduate Studies in Leadership and Management

  • Teaching Interests

    Media Policy and Media Law

    Media Project

    Digital Revolution

    Creative Industries

    Professional Practice

  • Research Interests

    Chika's research interests include: Virtual African Diaspora, Ageing and New Media Technology, African Cinema, Media Policy and Management, Developing World Media and Creative Industries.

    Chika has received research grants from various sources, including the Australian Research Council, AUSAID, and the University of Adelaide, and in 2005, he was awarded a Leslie Humanities Visiting Research Fellowship to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He has been invited to give presentations at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Pomona College in Los Angeles, the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark and at the 15th International ISANA Conference among others, as well as being an active voice in local media.

    Currently he is involved in three ongoing research projects. 'Creative Economy: Investigating South Australia's Creative Industries' is an ARC Linkage project which aims at generating rich data and analyses of South Australia's Creative Industries, allowing an understanding of the State's value networks, and for the State to be benchmarked against national and international counterparts.

    The 'Virtual African Diaspora (VAD)' project is designed as a multi channelled communication strategy with the aim of embedding cultural relevance to technology as a way of stimulating participation and a sense of belonging among African children within the diaspora as well as in the homeland Africa. This is achieved by integrating traditional storytelling techniques in interactive new media products such as podcasting, Internet streaming, installations, games and other interactive media. Through such digital storytelling technique we intend to engage people in a new way of preserving their cultures, reminiscent of oral culture.

    'Internet Connectivity Among Senior Citizens in Australia' evaluates how we can make a difference in bridging the digital divide between the nation's internet dependency and the quality of life of our unconnected senior citizens. The project looks for alternative ways to accommodate and address this technologically disenfranchised group.

  • Publications


    Anyanwu C. (2004), 'Creativity and Innovation: Challenge to New Humanities' in Kenway, J., Bullen, E. and Simon, R. (Eds.) Arts Humanities and the Knowledge Economy Peter Lang Publishers NY

    Anyanwu, J. C. (2002a) 'The Body in a Space and the Space of a Body: A Critical Look at Progress in the next Millennium' in David Buchbinder (Ed) Start Trek and Endgame Black Swan Press Perth


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    Anyanwu C. (2005) Virtual mobilisation and Virtual African diaspora, Australian Journal of Communication Vol 32 (3) 2005 pp. 93-108

    Anyanwu C. (2003) Myth and Realities of New Media Technology: Virtual Classroom Education Premise in Television and New Media, (Toby Miller, General Editor) SAGE Publications pp389-409


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    Anyanwu, C. (2005b) Virtual Citizenship and Diasporic Discourse, ANZCA 05: Communication at Work, University of Canterbury, Christ Church New Zealand, July 4-7

    Anyanwu, C (2004a) 'Seniors' Internet Connectivity: A Nation Digitally Divided', Making a Difference: Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference 2004, University of Sydney July 7-9 2004

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    Anyanwu, C (2004c) 'Challenges and Prospects of Internationalisation in Australia's G08 and Universities of Technology', 18th IDP Conference, Sydney Convention Centre Darling Harbour 5-8 Oct 2004

  • Professional Associations

    Chika is the 2006/2007 President of the Australian and New Zealand Communciation Association (ANZCA)

    Member, International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)

    Member, New Media Collaborative Group (with membership from Helpmann Academy, UniSA, Flinders, TAFESA, ANAT)

    Member, OurMedia Community Activist Media (an international community media advocacy and research organisation)

    Member, Black Caucus of Society for Cinema and Media Studies

    Member, Convergent Communication Research Group (CCRG)

    Member, African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific

  • Community Engagement

    Chika is on the Board of C31, Community Television Adelaide.

    He is a member of the Media Studies Subject Advisory Committee and the Information Processing and Publishing Subject Advisory Committee of the Senior Secondary Advisory Board of South Australia (SSABSA)

    In late 2006, Chika played the lead role of Rev Stephen Kumalo in Roy Sargent's adaptation of Alan Paton's Novel Cry The Beloved Country with an outstanding performance and critical review.

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesArts & Culture, Media & Journalism
    ExpertiseCreative Industries Media Policy and Management African Leadership and Development Multiculturalism African Media Community Leadership and Empowerment Digital Storytelling
    NotesAlt phone: (08) 8303 5627
    After hours0424926499

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