Professor Emerita Chilla Bulbeck

Professor Emerita Chilla Bulbeck
  • Biography/ Background

    Chilla Bulbeck held the chair of women's studies at Adelaide University until 2008. She has published widely on issues of gender and difference, including Re-Orienting Western Feminisms: Women's Diversity in a Post-Colonial World (1998), Living Feminism: The Impact of the Women's Movement on Three Generations of Australian Women (1997), Australian Women in Papua New Guinea: Colonial Passages 1920-1960 (1992) and Sex, Love and Feminism: the Attitudes of Young People in ten Asia-Pacific Nations (2009). The book is based on her Australian Research Council-funded research on young people's attitudes to gender issues and their imagined future intimate, family and citizenship engagements. She is currently completing a manuscript focussing on young Australians' imagined future intimacies, family, work and civic engagements.

    In her thirty year teaching career Chilla Bulbeck has taught at Murdoch University, Griffith University and the University of Adelaide. She holds or has held the following positions: Honorary Professorial Research Associate, University of Western Australia (2006-2010), Guest Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University (2007 to 2011) and Visiting Professor of Australian Studies, Centre for Pacific and American Studies, The University of Tokyo(2002 to 2003).

  • Qualifications

    1991:Ll. B. (Hons First Class), University of Queensland
    1980:Ph.D. in Sociology, Australian National University
    1975:Master of Arts (Qualifying), Australian National University
    1972:Bachelor of Economics (Honours - 2A), University of Adelaide
  • Publications

    Imagining the Future: Young Australians on Sex, Love and Community
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    Based on the desires and dreams of 1000 young Australians and 230 of their parents from diverse backgrounds across Australia, the book examines young Australians’ (conflicted) attitudes to love, work and citizenship. Today’s young women are no less enthusiastic about marriage and motherhood than their mothers but they combine this with imagined careers in medicine, law and administration. Where young women imagined loving intimacy based on endless talk and negotiation, young men paid little attention to domestic relations in their life stories. Their imagined stories of the future, collected for the book, suggest that young men and women are bound for conflict.

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    Refereed conference proceeding


    Bulbeck, Chilla (2008) ‘Disgusted with what’s happening to my home – Planet Earth’: Young Australians’ attitudes to the environment’, Proceedings of The Australian Sociological Association Conference: Re-imagining Sociology 2008 (TASA 2008), Melbourne: Melbourne University,  13pp

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    CategoriesSocial Issues & Public Policy
    Expertisewestern feminist issues in a cross-cultural perspective, generational debate in feminism and the women?s movement; young Australians' attitudes to gender and social issues, work and family
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