Adjunct Professor Christine Beasley

 Position Adjunct Professor
 Org Unit Politics and International Relations (POLIR)
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5065
 Location Floor/Room 5 13 ,  Napier ,   North Terrace
  • Research Interests

    • Social/political theory - with a particular interest in concepts of freedom, justice, & care, and a focus on cultural, feminist, masculinity & sexuality theory
    • Social/public policy
    • Gender and Sexuality
    • Theory & politics of the body and the subject
    • Citizenship & community
    • Ethics (including global and health ethics)
    • Cultural studies, especially of film
    • International studies - with a particular interest in theory, gender/sexuality,  and ethical issues
  • Publications

    For a full listing of Chris Beasley's publications, please see attached document.



    1. C. Beasley and H. Brook, book under contract, The Cultural Politics of Popular Film: Power, Culture and Society, Manchester University Press, estimated completion mid 2016
    2. C. Beasley and M. Holmes, book under contract, Internet Dating, Routledge, London & NY, estimated completion late 2016 
    3. C. Beasley et al.,  Heterosexuality in Theory and Practice, Routledge, Advances in Feminist Studies and Intersectionality Series, 2012
    4. A. Bletsas and C. Beasley eds, Engaging with Carol Bacchi, University of Adelaide Press, 2012
    5. C. Beasley, Gender & Sexuality: Critical Theories, Critical Thinkers, Sage, London & Thousand Oaks, Ca., 2005
    6. C. Beasley, What is Feminism?: An Introduction to Feminist Theory, Sage, London & Thousand Oaks, Ca., 1999 (also published as What is Feminism, anyway?: Understanding Contemporary Feminist Thought, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1999)
    7. C. Beasley, Sexual Economyths: Conceiving a Feminist Economics, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1994


    Chapters in Books  

    1. C. Beasley, 'Sexual Health, Sex Education and Violence', in D. Cherubini and S. Magaraggia eds, Men against Women?, University of Milan-Bicocca Press, 2013
    2. C. Beasley, ‘The Challenge of Pleasure: Let’s Talk about Sex in Feminist and Masculinity Theorising’, in M. Fineman and M. Thomoson eds, Exploring Masculinities: feminist legal theory reflections, Ashgate Press, Farnham, Surrey, 2013.
    3. C. Beasley and C. Bacchi, 'Making Politics Fleshly', in A. Bletsas and C. Beasley eds, Engaging with Carol Bacchi: Strategic Interventions and Exchanges, University of Adelaide Press, Adelaide, 2012.
    4. C. Beasley, 'Rethinking Hegemonic and "other" Masculinities in Australian Cinema: Male Bodies at the Edge of the World', in S. Fouz-Hernández ed.,  Mysterious Skin: The Male Body in Contemporary CinemaI. B. Tauris, London & N. Y., 2009
    5. C. Beasley, 'Re-thinking Hegemonic Masculinity in a Globalising World', in  A. M. González and V. Seidler (eds), Gender Identities in a Globalized World, Prometheus books, NY, 2008
    6. C. Beasley, 'Speaking of feminism...what are we arguing about?: difference and the politics of meaning', in L. Burns (ed.), Feminist Alliances, Rudopi, Amsterdam & N. Y., 2006
    7. C. Bacchi and C. Beasley, 'Reproductive Technology and the political limits of "care" ', in M. Shildrick and R. Mytikiuk (eds), Ethics of the Body: Postconventional Challenges, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., & London, 2005 



    Articles in Refereed Journals

    1. C. Beasley, 'Mind the Gap?: Masculinity Studies and Contemporary Gender/Sexuality Thinking, Australian Feminist Studies, 28(75), March 2013
    2. C. Beasley, 'Problematising contemporary Men/Masculinities theorising', British Journal of Sociology, 63(4), December 2012
    3. C. Beasley and B. Cao, 'Transforming first year university Politics students into critical thinkers', Ergo: Journal of Education Research Group Adelaide, 2(3): 2011
    4. C. Beasley, 'Libidinous Politics: Heterosex, "Transgression" and Social Change', Australian Feminist Studies, 26(67, 2011
    5. C. Beasley et al., 'Ambivalent Globalisation, amorphous vulnerable Nationalism: considering debates about nation and national positioning within the global from the point of view of young Australians', Journal of Sociology, 46(1), March 2010
    6. J. Elias and C. Beasley, 'Hegemonic Masculinity and Globalization: "Transnational Business Masculinities" and Beyond', Globalizations, 6(2), 2009
    7. C. Beasley, 'Re-thinking Hegemonic Masculinity in a Globalising World', Keynote Essay for Symposium on this essay, Men & Masculinities, 11(1), October 2008
    8. C. Beasley, 'The Challenge of Pleasure: Re-imagining Sexuality and Sexual Health', Health Sociology Review, Special Issue: Re-imagining Preventive Health--Theoretical Perspectives, 17(4), August 2008
    9. C. Beasley and C. Bacchi, 'Envisioning a New Politics for an Ethical Future: Beyond, trust, care and generosity towards an Ethic of Social Flesh', Feminist Theory, 8(3), December 2007


     CV publications at Sept 2016

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