Dr Claudine Bonder

Dr Claudine Bonder
 Position Heart Foundation Research Fellow
 Org Unit Medical Specialties
 Email claudine.bonder@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8222 3504
 Location Floor/Room 3 ,  IMVS - Hanson Institute ,   Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Claudine Bonder is a Heart Foundation Fellow and Head of the Vascular Biology and Cell Trafficking Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide, South Australia.

    From her research training during her PhD at Flinders University in South Australia and post-doctoral position at the University of Calgary (Canada) she has gained expert experience in cellular biology, immunology, inflammation, auto-immunity and intravital microscopy within mammals (both human and small animal).

    Dr Bonder has published ~40 research publications (including Immunity, Journal of Clinical Investigation, American Journal of Pathology and Blood) in addition to invited reviews and book chapters. She has received distinguished accolades from her peers including an Early Career Research Award from the Australian Academy of Science in 2005 and has been awarded close to $5M from the NHMRC, Heart Foundation, CRC for Biomarker Translation, Cancer Council and Arthritis Australia.

  • Qualifications

    Doctor of Philosophy: 2001
    Flinders University, Adelaide, SA

    Bachelor of Science (Honours): 1993
    University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

  • Awards & Achievements

    Fellowships and Scholarships:
    2011-14: Heart Foundation Fellowship
    2009-11: Florey Fellowship, Royal Adelaide Hospital
    2005-08: NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellowship
    2004: Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fellowship
    2002-04: Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, Flinkelstein Fellowship
    2002: Alberta Heritage for Medical Research Fellowship
    1998-2001: NHMRC Dora Lush Postgraduate Scholarship

    Other awards and prizes:
    2013: ASMR Leading Light Finalist
    2009: South Australia Young Tall Poppy Science Award
    2007: New Basic Scientist Investigator Award, Hanson Institute
    2005: Early Career Research Award, Australian Academy of Science
    2000: Ross Wishart Award, ASMR, SA Division Conference

    Staff and student awards and prizes (selected):
    2013: Kate Parham, PhD student, RAH Medical Staff Society Research Prize
    2012: Wai Sun, PhD student, AHMRC, ‘best of the best' poster
    2012: Wai Sun, PhD student, Faculty of Health Sciences, Uni. of Adelaide poster prize
    2012: Nikhil Thyagarajan, Florey Medical Research Foundation Honours Scholarship
    2011: Victoria Montandon, Heart Foundation Summer Scholarship
    2011: Wai Sun, PhD student, Centre for Stem Cell Research poster award
    2011: Wai Sun, PhD student, ARI Pty Ltd best Commercialisation Potential poster
    2010: Wai Sun, PhD student, best poster Faculty of Health Sciences
    2010: Wai Sun, PhD student, best poster Centre for Stem Cell Research day
    2010: Sarah Brice, best ECR oral presentation, Aust. Society for Vascular Biology


  • Teaching Interests

    Dr Bonder has been actively involved in teaching and training throughout her research career. Since her return to Australia, she has continued to provide lectures for 3rd year university courses and has supervised 3rd year placement students from the University of Adelaide. Dr Bonder has successfully obtained Cancer Council of SA and Heart Foundation summer scholarships for 2 students in the past 4 years. Dr Bonder has co-supervised 2 PhD & 5 Honours students to completion and in 2010 began to supervise 2 PhD students as primary supervisor.

  • Research Interests

    The current focus of Dr Bonder's laboratory is the blood vasculature and how it contributes to health and disease. More specifically, she and her team investigate (i) endothelial progenitor cells, (ii) leukocyte trafficking and (iii) activation of the vasculature during normal and disease states (such as autoimmune disease, cancer, acute and chronic inflammation).

    Dr Bonder's research has culminated in important advances in this area, including (i) identifying the adhesion molecules used by leukocyte subsets and progenitor cells to traffic to inflamed organs, (ii) defining mediators of endothelial progenitor cell function and differentiation and (iii) identifying key surface expressed receptors which regulate major cell survival signals.

  • Research Funding

    GRANTS (selected for grants where Bonder is Chief Investigator A)
    2005-2008: NH&MRC Training Fellowship (#278806) $259,000
    2005 & 2008: Arthritis Australia ‘Grant in Aid' $15,000& $15,000
    2007 & 2008: RAH/IMVS Mary Overton & Clinical Research Awards $50,000& $20,000
    2007-2009: NH&MRC Project Grant (#430907) $260,250
    2008-2013: CRC for Biomarker Translation $3-700,000pa
    2010: CRC for Biomarker Translation equipment grant $400,000
    2009-2011: RAH Florey Fellowship $300,000
    2011-2013: Heart Foundation Fellowship $450,000
    2012-2014: NH&MRC Project Grant (#1022145) $568,675
    2012-2014: NH&MRC Project Grant (#1022150) $573,675
    2013: Cancer Council SA (#1046765) $99,891

  • Publications

    PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS (selected for last 5 years only):
    Li X., Stankovic M., Bonder C., Hahn C., Parsons M., Pitson S., Xia P., Prioa R., Vadas M. and Gamble J. Basal and angiopoetin-1-mediated endothelial permeability is regulated by sphingosine kinase-1.
    Blood, 111(7): 3489-97, 2008.

    Kerfoot S.M., Andonegui G., Bonder C.S. and Liu L.
    Exogenous stromal cell-derived factor-1 induces modest leukocyte recruitment in vivo.
    Am J Physiology (Heart and Circulatory Physiology); 294(6):H2524-34, 2008.

    Norman M.U., Hwang J., Hulliger S., Bonder C.S., Yamanouchi J., Santamaria P. & Kubes P.
    Mast Cells Regulate the Magnitude & the Cytokine Microenvironment of the Contact Hypersensitivity Response.
    Am J Pathology. 172(6):1638-49, 2008.

    Bonder C.S., Sun W.Y., Matthews T., Cassano C., Li X., Ramshaw H.S., Pitson S.M., Lopez A.F., Coates P.T., Prioa, R., Vadas M.A. and Gamble J.R.
    Sphingosine kinase regulates the rate of endothelial progenitor cell differentiation.
    Blood 113(9):2108-17, 2009.

    Gamble J.R., Sun W.Y., Li X., Hahn C., Pitson S.M., Vadas M.A. and Bonder C.S.
    Sphingosine kinase associates with integrin avb3 to promote endothelial cell survival.
    Am J Pathology. 175(5):2217-25, 2009.

    Sun W.Y., Pitson S.M. and Bonder C.S.
    Tumour necrosis factor induced neutrophil adhesion occurs via a sphingosine kinase-1 dependent activation of endothelial a5b1 integrin.
    Am J Pathology. 177(1):436-46, 2010.

    Wang H., Paton J.C., Thorpe C.M., Bonder C.S., Sun W.Y. and Paton A.W.
    Tissue Factor-Dependent Procoagulant Activity of a Potent AB5 Toxin Produced by Shiga Toxigenic E. coli .
    J. Infectious Diseases 202(9):1415-1423, 2010.

    Penko D, Mohanasundaram D, Drogemuller D, Bonder CS, Coates PTH, Jessup CJ
    Incorporation of endothelial progenitor cells into mosaic pseudoislets
    Islets, 3(3), 1-7, 2011.

    Sen S, McDonald S, Coates PTH and Bonder C.S.
    Endothelial Progenitor Cells: Novel Biomarker and Promising Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease.
    Clinical Science 120(7):263-83, 2011.

    Barrett JM, Parham K, Pippal JA, Brice S, Moretti PAB, Cockshell MP, Pitson SM & Bonder CS
    Over-expression of Sphingosine Kinase-1 Enhances a Progenitor Phenotype in Human Endothelial Cells
    Microcirculation, 18(7):583-97, 2011

    Jessup C.F, Bonder C.S., Pitson S.M. and Coates P.T.H.
    The sphingosine rheostat: a potential target for improving pancreatic islet survival and function
    Endocrine, Metabolic and Immune Disorders, 11(4):262-72, 2011.

    Pitson S.M., Powell J.A. and Bonder C.S.
    Regulation of sphingosine kinase in hematological malignancies and other cancers
    Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 11(9):799-809, 2011.

    Sun WY, Abeynaike DL, Escarbe S, Smith CD, Pitson SM, Hickey MJ and Bonder CS
    Rapid histamine-induced neutrophil recruitment is sphingosine kinase-1 dependent
    Am J Pathol, 180(4):1740-50, 2012.

    Appleby S, Cockshell M, Pippal J, Thompson E, Barrett J, Tooley K, Sen S, Sun W, Grose R, Nicholson I, Levina V, Cooke I, Talbo G, Lopez A and Bonder CS.
    Characterization of a distinct population of human endothelial forming cells and their recruitment via ICAM-3.
    PloS ONE, 7(11): e46996, 2012.

    Broughton SE, Dahgat U, Hercus TR, Nero TL, Grimbaldestion MA, Bonder C.S., Lopez AF and Parker MW
    The GM-CSF/IL-3/IL-5 cytokine receptor family: from ligand recognition to initiation of signaling
    Immunological Reviews, 250(1): 277-302, 2012.

    Carr J. M., Mahalingam S., Bonder C.S. and Pitson SM
    Sphingosine kinase-1 in viral infections.
    Reviews in Medical Virology, 250(1):277-302, 2012.

    Sun WY and Bonder C.S.
    Sphingolipids: a potential molecular approach to treat allergic inflammation
    Journal of Allergy, article 154174, 2012.

    Dimasi D, Sun WY and Bonder C.S.
    Neutrophil interactions with the vascular endothelium
    International Immunopharmacology, S1567-5769(13)00280-4, 2013.

    Limaye V, Bonder CS, Sun WY, Lester S, Roberts-Thomson, Blumbergs P.
    Levels of soluble adhesion molecules and their associations in inflammatory myositis.
    International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, 16(1):99-101, 2013.

    Peiris HS, Bonder CS, Coates PTH, Keating D, Jessup CF
    The beta cell/EC axis: how do islet cellstalk to each other?
    Diabetes, in press

    Bonder CS, Ebert LM
    Fos-icking for control of angiogenesis: increasing the longevity of peritoneal dialysis
    Kidney International, in press

    Ruzehaji N, Kopecki Z, Melville E, Appleby S, Bonder CS, Arkell RM, Fitridge R, Cowin AJ.
    Attenuation of Flightless I improves healing in a murine model of type 1 diabetes through increased angiogenesis in the wounds.
    Diabetologia, in press

    Penko D, Rojas-Canales D, Peiris H, Sun WY, Drogemuller C, Coates PTH, Bonder CS, Jessup CJ
    Endothelial progenitor cells enhance islet engraftment, influence beta cell function and modulate connexin 36 expression
    Cell Transplantation, in press

    Brice SL, Sakko AJ, Hissaria P and Bonder CS
    Endothelial Progenitor Cells: New Targets to Control Autoimmune Disorders
    Autoimmune Disorders. InTech Publishing, 2011.

    PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS (top 5 publications outside the last 5 years):
    *Andonegui G., *Bonder C.S., Green F., Mullaly S.C., Zbytnuik L., Raharjo E. and Kubes P. Endothelium-derived Toll-like receptor-4 is the key molecule in LPS-induced neutrophil sequestration into lungs.
    Journal of Clinical Investigation. 111(7); 1011-20, 2003.
    * authors contributed equally to this work

    Bonder C.S., Norman M.U., Swain M.G. Zbytnuik L.D., Yamanouchi J., Santamaria P., Ajuebor M., Salmi M., Jalkanen S. and Kubes P.
    Rules of recruitment for Th1 and Th2 lymphocytes in inflamed liver: A role for alpha-4 integrin and vascular adhesion protein-1 (VAP-1).
    Immunity. 23(2):153-63, 2005.

    Bonder C.S., Ajuebor M.N., Zbytnuik L.D., Kubes P. and Swain M.G.
    Essential role for neutrophil recruitment to the liver in Concanavalin A-induced hepatitis.
    Journal of Immunology 172; 45-53, 2004.

    Kerfoot S.M., Long E.M., Hickey M.J., Andonegui G., Lapointe B.M., Zanardo R.C.O., Bonder C.S., James W.G., Robbins S.M. and Kubes P.
    TLR4 contributes to disease-inducing mechanisms resulting in central nervous system autoimmune disease.
    Journal of Immunology 173(11):7070-7, 2004.

    Bonder C.S., Clark S.R, Norman M.U., Johnson P. and Kubes P.
    Use by CD44 to regulate CD4+ Th1 and Th2 lymphocytes to roll and adhere.
    Blood. 107(12): 4798-806, 2006.

  • Professional Associations

    1998 - 2001: Australian Society for Medical Research, South Australian Division Committee
    2006 - 2009: ASI state councillor for SA and NT
    2008 - 2009: Animal Ethics Committee, representing IMVS, UniSA and WCHRI

    1996 - present: Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR)
    1997 - present: Australasian Society for Immunology (ASI)
    2009 - present: American Association of Immunology
    2009 - present: Australian Vascular Biology Society

  • Professional Interests

    Conference Organising Committees:
    1999 & 2000: ASMR annual meeting, SA Division (Conference Chair 2000)
    2009: 13th Autoimmunity Workshop
    2009, 11 & 13: Barossa Cell Signalling Meeting
    2011: 41st ASI Annual Scientific Meeting (Conference Chair)
    2012: Australian Health & Medical Research Congress (representing AVBS)
    2013: 21st Australian Vascular Biology Society (Conference Chair)

  • Community Engagement

    Dr Bonder is committed to activities within the community to translate her research to the consumers and the general public. This is evidenced by her award as a South Australian Tall Poppy for Science in 2009. She regularly provides public lectures to high school students and RAH benefactors as part of the Tall Poppy campaign. She also provides lectures to obstetricians, midwives and expectant mothers to discuss the need for umbilical cord blood and cord sample donation and discusses her recent scientific advances.

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