Dr Danny Gibbins

 Position Senior Research Fellow
 Org Unit School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 Email danny.gibbins@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 3162
 Location Floor/Room 2 24 ,  Ingkarni Wardli ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    I completed a PhD in machine vision (shape from shading) in 1994 at the Flinders University of South Australia. Between 1994 and 2004 I was a research fellow at the CRC for Sensor Signal & Information Processing (CSSIP) where I worked on image and radar target classification techniques and commercial video surveillance technologies. Since 2004 I have been a Senior Research Fellow for the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Currently I teach a masters level course in Image Processing whilst continuing to work on numerous commercially focused image and range-sensor based research problems, principally in the areas of automatic target recognition (ATR) and scene analysis.

  • Teaching Interests

    Imaging Sensors and Processing (ELEC ENG 7060, aka ELEC ENG 4061 IMAGE PROCESSING ) - this is a level 4 / maters level course which covers image processing and image analysis topics such as, noise reduction, deconvolution, image enhancement, line extraction, object feature descriptions, and basic image classification and tracking methods.

    Masters Coordinator for the Defence Signal and Information Processing (DEFSIP) program (2006-2016).

    Masters Project Coordinator for the EEE Advanced Masters Project Topics (ELEC_ENG 7076/77/78) (2009-2013).

    Masters/Phd Supervision:

    • Multi-layer SOAR agents for vision and other applications (MSc, in progress)
    • Shark detection from UAV imagery (jointly with UniSA) (Phd, completed 2013)

    Masters/Honors level projects i have supervised (or am currently supervising) include:

    • Clutter Classification for OTHR (2016, DEFSCI)
    • Feral Cat Detection using optical sensors (2015/16, ME ADV)
    • Robot navigation using a turntable mounted 3D sensor (2014, ME ADV)
    • Kinect based semi-autonomous people tracking robot (2013, ME ADV)
    • Autonomous robot using the SOAR cognitive architecture (2013, HONS)
    • Video Assisted SLAM Study for UAV (2012, DEFSCI)
    • Point Detection Algirithms in Clutter (2012, DEFSCI)
    • Video moving target analysis tool (2012, HONS)
    • Robot navigation (part 2) (2012, HONS)
    • 3D recognition using Xbox-360 Kinect (2012, ME ADV)
    • robot navigation using an Xbox-360 Kinect (2011)
    • face detection and recognition (2010)
    • MACH filters for object recognition (2008)
    • Image matching using scale invariant feature transforms [SIFT] (2009)
  • Research Interests

    Image and signal processing, machine vision, object recognition and classification, infra-red and radar imaging, 3D terrain analysis, LADAR (range data analysis). Much of this work is focussed on applications in autonomous systems for unmanned air vehicles (UAV's).

    R&D projects/areas I have been involved in include:

    • change detection for airport security / suspicious package detection
    • ship classification using low-resolutiuon navigation radar. high resolution ISAR and/or infra-red sensors.
    • electro-optical navigation and target recognition for autonomous platforms
    • image cued target geo-location
    • semi real-time image super-resolution for low-cost UAV's
    • 3D terrain reconstruction, terrain analysis and classifiction
    • 3D object recognition using local structural features (inc. supervising research masters student)

    Click HERE for a PDF summarising some of some of my work (up to July 2009) for unmanned air vehicles (UAV's). This R&D work is sponsored by the ABSI program, DSTO Edinburgh. A recent poster presented at DASP'09 on  3D target recognition can also be found HERE

    Low resolution imageHigh resolution reconstruction

    Above: A simple example of 'fast' super-resolution applied to UAV imagery of a ship.

    Ladar 3D reconstruction April 2008

    Above: An example of terrain reconstruction based on fusion of a helicopter mounted LADAR and optical payload (April 2008).

    Example KNN classifier result - real data Confusion matrix

    Above: An example of terrain classification based on a fused LADAR and optical dataset (November 2008).

    Above: An example of target recognition based on 3D point cloud data (July 2009) and a variant of 3D SIFT and SPIN features.

  • Publications

    my publications include:

    • Mckenzie, M. and Wong, S. and Gibbins, D. "An empirical evaluation of infrared clutter for point target detection algorithms",  Proc. SPIE 8744, Automatic Target Recognition XXIII, 874409 (May 20, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2015668

    • Gururatsakul, S. and Gibbins. D. and Kearney D. "A Simple Deformable Model for Shark Recognition", In Proc of Eigth Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV2011),  St John's. Newfoundland, May 2011.

    • Gururatsakul, S. and Gibbins. D. and Kearney D. and Lee I. "Shark Detection using Optical Image Data from a Mobile Aerial Platform", In Proc of International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New-Zealand (IVCNZ), Queenstown (NZ), November 2010.
    • Ho, T.H. and Gibbins. D. "A Curvature Based Approach for Multi-Scale Feature Extraction from 3D Meshes and Unstructured Point Clouds", IET Computer Vision Journal, Vol. 3, Issue. 4, pp. 201-212, December 2009.

    • Gibbins D. and Swierkowski, L. "A Comarison of Terrain Classification Using Local Feature Measurements of 3-Dimensional Colour Point-cloud Data", in Proc of International Conferecne on Image and Vision Computing New-Zealand (IVCNZ), Wellington (NZ), November 2009.
    • Gibbins, D. “3D Target Recognition Using 3-Dimensional SIFT or Curvature Key-points and Local SPIN Descriptors”, In Proc of Defence Applications of Signal Processing 2009 (DASP'09), Sept 2009, Kauai(Hawaii). [paper] [poster]
    • Ho, T.H and Gibbins, D. “Mutli-Scale Feature Extraction for 3D Models using Local Surface Curvature”, Proc. of Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications 2008 (DICTA'08).
    • Ho, T.H and Gibbins D. “Multi-Scale Feature Extraction for 3D Surface Registration Using Local Surface Variation”, Proc. of International Conference on Image, Vision and  Computing New Zealand 2008 (IVCNZ’08)
    • Sanderson, C. and Gibbins, D. and Searle S.J. “On Statistical Approaches to Target Silhouette Classification in Difficult Conditions”, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), May 2008, Vol. 18, Issue 3, pp. 375-390.
    • Gibbins, D. and Roberts P. and Swierkowski L. and Finn, A. “Terrain Reconstruction using LADAR and optical Sensor Data from an Unmanned Air Vehicle”, Proc. of International Conference on Image, Vision and  Computing New Zealand 2006 (IVCNZ’06)
    • Haywood, B. and Cooke T.C. and Martorella, M. and Gibbins D. "Reconstruction of 3D scatterer Models fro ISAR Image Sequences for Improved Target Recognition", Digital Signal Processing (DSP), 2006.
    • Rice, F. and Cooke T.C and Gibbins D. "ISAR Ship Classification using Scatterer Models", Proc. of Defence Application of Signal Processing 2005 (DASP'05).
    • Gibbins, D. and Roberts, P. and Swierkowski, L. "A Video Geo-location and Image Enhancement tool for Small Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs)", Proc. of Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing 2004 (ISSNIP'04) 

    contributions to other papers:

    • Zeeshan Mohiuddin, Manouchehr Haghighi, Yvonne Stokes, Themis Carageorgos and Danny Gibbins "Pore Scale Visualization and Simulation of Miscible Displacement Process under Gravity Domination", In Proc of  International Petroleum Technology Conference, 7-9 February 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

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