Dr Daowei Sun

Dr Daowei Sun
 Position Res Fellow-Systems Desgin & Complexity Mgmt
 Org Unit Business School Office
 Email daowei.sun@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1281
 Location Floor/Room 9 04 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Daowei Sun is a research fellow at School of Marketing and Management, The University Adelaide. His research interests mainly focus on using systems approaches (Systems thinking and System Dynamics) to address complex issues in the real world, especially in the areas of Agricultural Systems, Natural Resources Management, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, and Business Management.

    Please refer to Daowei's personal website for more information on his publication and projects.


  • Qualifications

    • PhD in “Integrative Systems-Systems Thinking and System Dynamics”,  The University of Queensland, Australia
    • PhD in "Environmental Science", Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China
    • BSc in Geography, Shandong Normal University, PR China


  • Research Interests

    • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
    • Systems Thinking and System Dynamics
    • Bayesian Belief Network Modelling
    • Agricultural Systems
    • Business Management
    • Environmental Tourism
    • Sustainability of Complex Systems
  • Research Funding

    Jan 2015-December 2017

    "Price Volatility of Fresh and Living Commodities: Asymmetric Transmission, Welfare Effects and Policy Options", Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Administering Organisation: Central University of Finance and Economics (Beijing China), Role in the research team: Chief Investigator.

    Aug 2014-June 2016

    "The development of decision models on assessing the risk of water environment for selected regions of Nen River", Funded by: Ministry of Water Resources of China, Role in the research team: Chief Investigator.

    July 2013-June 2014

    "Environmental management under community involvement at tourist destinations: a systemic comparison between cases in China and Australia " Australia - China joint action program, Funded by Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, Role in the research team: Chief Investigator.

    March 2012 - March 2015

    "Integrated decision making system for water resources management", International collaboration research project, Funded by Songliao Water Resources Protection Bureau, Ministry of Water Resources, China. Role in the research team: Chief Investigator.

    June 2008 - June 2012

    • International Postgraduate Research Tuition Fee Award
    • PhD stipend Scholarship from Australian Beef CRC


  • Publications


    Sun, D.; Hyland, P.; Cui, H. A Designed Framework for Delivering Systems Thinking Skills to Small Business Managers. Systems 2014, 2, 297-312. Download at http://www.mdpi.com/2079-8954/2/3/297

    Sun, D, Hyland, P & Bosch, O 2014, 'A Systemic View of Innovation Adoption in the Australian Beef Industry', Systems Research and Behavioral Science, no. forthcoming, p. DOI: 10.1002/sres.2251 (ERA Journal ranking B)

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    Sun, D 2002, 'Study on the eco-environment assessment methods and protection countermeasures at tourism destinations in mountain area (山岳型旅游景区生态环境评估方法与保护措施研究)', PhD thesis, Postgraduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences.




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