Professor David Findlay

Professor David Findlay
 Position Professor
 Org Unit Surgical Specialties
 Telephone +61 8 8313 7212
 Location Floor/Room WS7059.02 ,  Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    David Findlay is Professor of Orthopaedic Research in the Discipline of Orthopaedics and Trauma at The University of Adelaide. His undergraduate and postgraduate studies were at The University of Melbourne, followed by postdoctoral work at the National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA. He has worked in bone and joint research for over 30 years, focusing on the mechanisms of pathological bone loss, both systemic, such as in osteoporosis, or focal, such as in bone cancer or around orthopaedic implants.


  • Publications


    Findlay, DM and Atkins, GJ. TWEAK and TNF Regulation of Sclerostin: A Novel Pathway for the Regulation of Bone Remodelling. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Vol 169. Wallach, David; Kovalenko, Andrew; Feldmann, Marc (Eds.) Springer, New York, NY. pp 337-348, 2011.

    Anderson, PH, Atkins, GJ, Turner, AG, Kogawa, M, Findlay, DM, Morris, HA. Vitamin D Metabolism within Bone Cells: Effects on Bone Structure and Strength. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology (Special Issue: Vitamin D Metabolism). Mol Cell Endocrinol. 347:42-47, 2011.

    Findlay, DM, Atkins, GJ. Relationship between serum RANKL and RANKL in bone. Osteoporosis Int. 22:2597-602, 2011.

    Atkins, GJ, Haynes, DR, Howie, DW, Findlay, DM. Role of polyethylene particles in peri-prosthetic osteolysis: A review. World J Orthop 2: 93-101, 2011. ISSN 2218-5836.

    Findlay, DM. Subchondral Bone in Osteoarthritis. In: Principles of Osteoarthritis Ed Rothschild, BM, InTech, pp 139-154. ISBN 979-953-307-082-6, 2012.

    Atkins, GJ, Findlay, DM. Osteocyte regulation of bone mineral: a little give and take. Osteoporosis Int., in press.

    Gulati, K, Aw, MS, Findlay, DM, Losic, D. Local drug delivery in bone by drug releasing implants: perspectives of nano-engineereed titania nanotubes, Therapeutic Delivery, 2012, in press.

    Zinonos, I, Labrinidis, A, Lee, M, Liapis, V, Hay, S, Ponomarev, V, Diamond, P, Findlay, DM, Zannettino, AC, Evdokiou, A. Anticancer efficacy of Apo2L/TRAIL is retained in the presence of high and biologically active concentrations of osteoprotegerin in vivo. J Bone Min Res, 26:630-643, 2011.

    Turner, AG, Tjahyono, F, Chiu, WSM, Skinner, J, Sawyer, R, Moore, AJ, Morris, HA, Findlay, DM, Zajac, JD, Davey, R. The role of the calcitonin receptor in protecting against induced hypercalcemia is mediated via its actions in osteoclasts to inhibit bone resorption. Bone 48:354-361, 2011.

    Atkins, GJ, Rowe, PS, Lim, HP, Welldon, KJ, Ormsby, R, Wijenayaka, R, Zelenchuk, L, Evdokiou, Findlay, DM. Sclerostin is a locally acting regulator of late-osteoblast/pre-osteocyte differentiation and regulates mineralization through a MEPE-ASARM dependent mechanism. J Bone Min Res, 26:1425-36, 2011.

    Dharmapatni, AASSK, Smith, MD, Crotti, TN, Holding, C, Vincent, C, Weedon, HM, Zannettino, ACW, Zheng, TM, Findlay, DM, Atkins GJ, Haynes, DR. TWEAK and Fn14 Expression in the Pathogenesis of Joint Inflammation and Bone Erosion in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Arthritis Res Ther 13:R51, 2011.

    Howie DW, McGee MA, Callary SA, Carbone A, Stamenkov RB, Bruce WJ, Findlay DM. A Preclinical Study of Stem Subsidence and Graft Incorporation After Femoral Impaction Grafting Using Porous Hydroxyapatite as a Bone Graft Extender. J Arthroplasty. J Arthroplasty. 26:1050-1056, 2011.

    Wijenayaka, AR, Kogawa, M, Lim, HP, Bonewald, LF, Findlay, DM, Atkins, GJ. Sclerostin Stimulates Osteocyte Support of Osteoclast Activity by a RANKL-Dependent Pathway. PLoS One PLoS One. 6:e25900, 2011.

    Gulati, K, Ramakrishnan, S, Aw, MS, Atkins, GJ, Findlay, DM, Losic, D. Biocompatible polymer coating of titania nanotube arrays for improved drug elution and osteoblast adhesion Acta Biomater 8:449-56, 2012.

    Chehade, MJ, Vakaci, IA, Callary, SA, Findlay, DM, Solomon, LB. Differentially loaded radiostereometric analysis (DLRSA) in torsion adds essential information in diaphyseal bone healing: the example of a tibial osteotomy. J Bioengineer and Biomedical Sci S1:004. doi:10.4172/2155-9538.S1-004, 2011.

    Howie, DW, Neale, SD, Martin, W, Costi, K, Kane, T, Stamenkov, R, Findlay, DM. Progression of periacetabular osteolytic lesions. J Bone Joint Surgery, in press (accepted April 19, 2012: JBJS-D-11-00877R2).

    Alias, E, Dharmapatni, ASSK, Holding, AC, Atkins, GJ, Findlay, DM, Howie, DW, Crotti, TN, Haynes, DR. Polyethylene particles stimulate expression of ITAM-related molecules in peri-implant tissues and when stimulating osteoclastogenesis in vitro. Acta Biomater 8:3104-3112, 2012.

    Aw, MS, Khalid, KA, Gulati, K, Atkins, GJ, Pivonka, P, Findlay, DM, Losic, D. Characterization of drug release kinetics in trabecular bone from titania nanotube implants". Int J Nanomedicine, In press.


  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesMedicine & Medical Research, Science & Technology
    ExpertiseBones (cell and molecular biology of the osteoblasts and osteoclasts of bone); bone biology; bones (cell and molecular biology of the osteoblasts and osteoclasts of bone); cancer cells (study of hormone and cytokine receptors and receptor mediated changes in growth function and opoptosis of normal and cancer cells); hormone receptors (receptor mediated changes in growth function and opoptosis of normal and cancer cells); orthopaedics (study of the role of protein made by osteoblasts)
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