Dr David Tivey

 Position Research Fellow
 Org Unit Joanna Briggs Institute
 Email david.tivey@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 8091
 Location Floor/Room 3 ,  WCH - Norwich Centre ,   Womens & Childrens Hospital
  • Qualifications

    1986                       PhD, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom.

    1982                       BSc (Honours) Medical Science, University of Bradford, United Kingdom

  • Publications

    Commissioned reviews;

    Lockwood C, Xue Y, Porritt K, Tivey DR, Riitano and Williams M (2012) Effectiveness of smoking cessation and prevention strategies to reduce social disparities: a rapid review.  The Joanna Briggs Institute for Vic Health, Victoria, Australia.


    Research papers and abstracts:

    Between 1985 – 2010, I have published 94 research papers (46) and abstracts (48).

    2005 – present

    Khazandi M and Tivey DR (2010). Developing an in vitro method for Eimeria tenella attachment to its preferred and non-preferred intestinal sites. Experimental Parasitology 125(2): 137-140.

    Benhazi T, Kitchen J and Tivey DR (2009) Potential of using infrared thermography for determination of skin wetness and thus perceived thermal comfort of pigs. Australian Journal of Multi-disciplinary Engineering 7(1): 1-8.

    Hughes RJ, Tivey DR and Butler RN (2008) A method for collecting breath samples from individual chickens for analysis of 13CO2, H2 and CH4. Poultry Science 87: 1804-1809.

    Forder RE, Firth GA, Tivey DR, Howarth GS and Hughes RJ (2008) A small-scale, low cost, isolation system for the incubation and rearing of low bacterial load chicks as a model to study microbial-intestinal interactions. Laboratory Science: 185-192.

    Forder RE, Tivey DR, Howarth GS and Hughes RJ (2007) Bacterial modulation of small intestinal goblet cells and mucins composition during early post-hatch development. Poultry Science 86: 2396-2403.

    Thomas N, Tivey DR, Penno NM, Natrass G and Hynd PI (2007) Characterisation of transport systems for cysteine, lysine, alanine, and leucine in wool follicles of sheep. Journal of Animal Science 85: 2205-2213.

    Smyl C Hughes RJ and Tivey DR (2005) Understanding bioenergetics of the enterocyte: the basis for efficient growth of the chicken. Australian Poultry Science Symposium, Sydney Australia, World’s Poultry Science Association. 57-60.

    Forder RE Tivey DR and Hughes RJ (2005) Intestinal goblet cells and mucus production in the chicken. Australian Poultry Science Symposium, Sydney Australia, World’s Poultry Science Association. 284-285.

    Teaching manuals:

    Bellotti B, Daily H, Kiley M, Mullins G, Peterson R and Tivey DR (1998). Integrating computer simulation into the curriculum using Grassgro. University of Adelaide.

    Review articles:

    Tivey DR and Butler RN (1999) Breath analysis – a key to understanding intestinal function. Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition in Australia, 45 – 52.

    Le Dividich J, Tivey DR and Aumaitre A (1998). Gastrointestinal development and digestive capacity in young pigs. Proceedings of the 15th IPVS Congress, 299-308.

    Iji P and Tivey DR (1998) Natural and synthetic oligosaccharides in broiler chicken diets. World’s Poultry Science Journal 54: 129-143

    van Barneveld RJ, Smart A, Clarke S, Carter C, Davis BJ, Tivey DR and Brooker JD (1997) Nutritional management of sea-caged Sourthern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii). Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition in Australia, 88-97


    A total of 11 patents (various countries), 9 of which are current. The technologies include:

     Sucrose Breath Test (SBT)”.  Butler R, Tivey DR, Davidson G and Pelton N. (current)

    “Improvement in or relating to the use of epidermal growth factor (EGF) for enhancing the uptake of iron in vivo.” Tivey DR, Wilson T, Smith MW, James PS, Peters T and Raja K. (lapsed)

    “Improvements in or relating to the promotion of animal growth” Tivey DR, Wilson T, Smith MW and James PS (lapsed)


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