Ms Deborah Haynes

 Position Research Associate - PhD Candidate
 Org Unit Earth Sciences
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5649
 Location Floor/Room B 40a ,  Mawson Laboratories ,   North Terrace
  • Publications


    Reeves, JM., Haynes, D., Garcia, A. and Gell, PA. 2014. Hydrological changein the Coorong Estuary, Australia, past and present. Evidence from fossil invertebrate and algal asemblages. Estuaries and Coasts, DOI:10.​1007/​s12237-014-9920-4 (contains supplementary material, which is available to authorized users).


    Lower, CS., Cann, JH., Haynes, D. 2013. Microfossil evidence for salinity events in the Holocene Coorong Lagoon, South Australia, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences: An International Geoscience Journal of the Geographical Society of Australia, 60(5): 573-587.


    Haynes, D., Skinner, R., Tibby, J. and Fluin, J. 2011. Diatom and foraminifera relationships to water quality in The Coorong, South Australia, and the development of a diatom-based transfer function. Journal of Paleolimnology, 46(4):543-560.


    Dick, J., Haynes, D., Garcia, A., Tibby, J., Gell, P. 2011. The history of aquatic plants in the Ramsar-listed Coorong wetland, South Australia. Journal of Paleolimnology, 46(4): 623-635.


    McKirdy, DM, Thorpe CS, Haynes DE, Grice K, Krull ES, Halverson GP and Webster LJ. 2009. The biogeochemical evolution of the Coorong during the mid-to- late Holocene: An elemental, isotopic and biomarker perspective. Organic Geochemistry, 41: 96-110.


    Krull, E.S., Haynes, D.E., Lamontagne, S., Gell, P.A., McKirdy, D., Hancock, G., McGowan, J., & Smernik, R. 2009. Changes in the chemistry of sedimentary organic matter within the Coorong over space and time. Biogeochemistry, 92: 9-25.


    Gell, P., Fluin, J., Tibby, J., Hancock, G., Harrison, J., Zawadzki, A., Haynes, D., Khanum, S., Little, F. & Walsh, B. 2009. Anthropogenic acceleration of sediment accretion in lowland floodplain wetlands, Murray-Darling Basin, Australia. Geomorphology, 108: 122-126.


    Gell, P. Fluin, J., Tibby, J., Haynes, D., Khanum, S., Walsh, B., Hancock, G., Harrison, J. Zawecki, A. & Little, F. 2009. Changing Fluxes of Sediments and Salts as Recorded in lower River Murray wetlands, Australia. In Rowan, J., Duck, R. & Werrity, A. (Eds). Proceedings of the IAHS conference, Dundee, UK, July 2006. International Association of Hydrological Sciences, 306: 416-424.


    Haynes, D., Gell, P., Tibby, J., Hancock, G. & Goonan, P. 2007. Against the tide: the freshening of naturally saline coastal lakes, south-east South Australia. Hydrobiologia, 591: 165-183.


    Fluin, J., Gell, P. Haynes, D. & Tibby, J. 2007. Paleolimnological evidence for the independent evolution of neighbouring terminal lakes, the Murray Darling Basin, Australia. Hydrobiologia, 591: 117-134.


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