Dr Deepa Jha

 Position Postdoctoral Fellow
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Email deepa.jha@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1472
 Location Floor/Room G 39 ,  AFW School Office - Building 20 ,   Waite
  • Qualifications

    Ph.D. Soil Microbiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India


    Master of Science, Botany, Department of Botany, University of Delhi, India


    Bachelor of Science, Botany, Department of Botany, University of Delhi, India


  • Publications


    Camilla B Hill, Deepa Jha, Antony Bacic, Mark Tester, Ute Roessner(2013): Characterization of ion contents and metabolic responses to salt stress of different Arabidopsis AtHKT1;1 genotypes and their parental strains. Mol.Plant,6(2) 350-368.


    Shaowu Xue, Xuan Yao, Wei Luo, Deepa Jha, Mark Tester, Julian I shroeder (2011): AtHKT1;1 mediates nernstian sodium channel transport properties in Arabidopsis root stelar cells. PLos ONE, 6, (9), e24725.

    Haijun Gong, Deidre Blackmore, Peter Clingeleffer, Steve Sykes, Deepa Jha, Mark Tester and Rob Walker (2011): Contrast in chloride exclusion between two grapevine genotypes and its variation in their hybrid progeny. Journal of experimental botany, 62, (3), 989-999.

    Tracey Ann Cuin, Giovanni Stefano, Deepa Jha, Mark Tester, Stefano Mancuso and Sergey Shabala (2011): Assessing the role of root plasma membrane and tonoplast Na+/H+ exchangers in salinity tolerance in wheat: in planta quantification methods. Plant Cell and Environment, 34 (6), 947-961.

    Jha, Deepa, Shirley, N., Tester, M. Roy, S.J (2010): Variation in salinity tolerance and shoot sodium accumulation in Arabidopsis ecotypes linked to differences in the natural expression levels of transporters involved in sodium transport. Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 5, 798-804.

    Michael G. Mason, Deepa Jha, David E. Salt, Joseph J. Kieber, Mark Tester and G. Eric Schaller (2010): Cytokinin regulates sodium accumulation in the shoots of Arabidopsis thaliana The Plant Journal, 64, (5), 753-763.

    Inge S. Møller, Matthew Gilliham, Deepa Jha, Gwenda M. Mayo, Stuart J. Roy, Juliet C. Coates, Jim Haseloff, and Mark Tester (2009): Shoot Na+ Exclusion and Increased Salinity Tolerance Engineered by Cell Type–Specific Alteration ofNa+ Transport in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 21: 1–16.


    Davenport, R.J., Munoz-Mayor,A., Jha, Deepa., Essah,P.A., Rus,A., Tester,M. (2007) The Na+ transporter AtHKT1;1 controls retrieval of Na+ from the xylem in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell and Environment, 30(4):497-507.


    Chen,Z.,  Pottosin,I.I., Cuin,T.A., Fuglsang,A.T., Tester,M., Jha, Deepa., Zepeda-Jazo, I., Zhou,M., Palmgren,M.G., Newman, I.A., Shabala,S.(2007):Root plasma membrane transporters controlling K+/Na+ homeostasis in salt stressed barley: Plant Physiology, 145:1714-1725.


    Eglinton,J.K., Reid, R.J., Hayes,J.E., Davies,P., Jha,D., McDonald,G.(2003).

    Boron toxicity in barley: Prospects for delivering a yield advantage: Proceedings of the 11th Australian Barley Technical Symposium.


    Singh,C.S. Jha,D.(1994) Mass inoculums production of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae: Effect of various bacteriological media and fertilizer solution. Microbiol Res:149: 22-29.


    Jha,D., Mathur,R.S(1993): Combined effect of nitrogenous fertilizer and Azospirillum brasilense on the yield and Nitrogen uptake by Pearl-millet. International Journal for tropical Agriculture, (1),31-35.




  • Professional Associations

    Australian Society of Plant Scientists

    Association of Microbiologists of India

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