Dr Dennis Cooke

Dr Dennis Cooke
  • Biography/ Background

    Dennis is the program manager for GeoFrac – the ASP’s research program in unconventional resources.  GeoFrac is bringing the ASP’s considerable experience in stress and geomechanics to problems involving fracture stimulation, stress, natural fractures and brittleness.  Dennis joined the ASP in December of 2010 – specifically to start-up GeoFrac - following 20 plus years of experience in the oil and gas industry.  His most recent experience includes 11 years as Chief Geophysicist for Santos.  His industry experience includes research, seismic processing, exploration, development and technical service. He has done exploration and development geoscience in Australia, Alaska, Indonesia, Mid-Continent USA, Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. He has published in the areas of seismic inversion, reservoir characterization and seismic migration.


  • Qualifications

    Dennis has a PhD in Geophysics/Geology from the Colorado School of Mines (1987) and a BA in Geology from the University of Colorado (1978)

  • Research Interests

    1.  Unconventional reservoirs, stress, natural fractures and hydraulic fracture stimulation

    2.  Seismic reservoir characterization

    3. Beam steering seismic imaging techniques

  • Publications

    Cooke, D, Deterministic and Probabilistic Model-Based Seismic Inversion, 2010, CSEG Recorder (Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists)

    Cooke, D and Bona, A., 2009, Simultaneous time imaging, velocity estimation and multiple suppression using local event slopes, Geophysics

                Dorn G., Tubman K, Cooke D. and O’Conner R., 1996, Geophysical Reservoir Characterization of Pickerill Field, North Seas, Using 3-D Seismic and Well Data, Published in AAPG Publication #42, ‘Applications of 3_D Seismic Data to Exploration and Production

    Cooke, D., et al 1997, A Case History of Multi-Disciplinary Integration in An Offshore Indonesian Field, Petroleum Engineer International, Hart Publishing, part 1: Feb. 1997 and part 2: Mar. 1997

    Cooke, D. A. and Schneider, W. A., 1988, Generalized linear inversion of reflection seismic data, Published in the SEG Publication: Inversion of geophysical data, L Lines editor.

    Cooke, D. A. and Schneider W. A., 1981, Generalized linear inversion of reflection seismic data: Geophysics

  • Professional Associations

    President (2011-2012) Australian Society of Geophysicists (ASEG)

    Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

    Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

    American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

    Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

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