Dr Dirk Boehe

Dr Dirk Boehe
 Position Associate Professor
 Org Unit Business School Office
 Email dirk.boehe@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5750
 Location Floor/Room 10 31 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    Dr Dirk Boehe's research interests include international diversification and divestment, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance in emerging markets.

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  • Awards & Achievements


    2011 – Temple/AIB Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business (AIB), Nagoya (Japan).

    2010 – George Stigler Award of Research Excellence  2010 – 2. place, Insper Institute of Education and Research, São Paulo (Brazil).

    2007 – IM Division 2007 Best Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Meeting 2007 – Philadelphia (USA).

    2007 – ANPAD 2007 Award – Best article in the Strategy and Organizations Division, National Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Administration Sciences / XXXI EnANPAD 2007 (Brazil).

    2006 – Best Paper from an under-represented Country, Academy of Management – International Management Division, Atlanta (USA).


  • Teaching Interests

    Courses currently taught

    International Business Strategy, Master of International Business (MIB). INTBUS 7506.

    Contemporary Issues in International Business, Master of International Business (MIB). INTBUS 7501.

    Advanced Theory in Management, Marketing and International Business. COMMERCE 4000A. MARKETNG 7103. INTBUS 7000.

    Case Studies

    BOEHE, D.M. Jobek’s Foreign Exchange Challenges, in: Peng, M. (ed.) Global Business, 3rdedition, South-Western/Cengage Learning: Mason, OH, pp. 276-278, 2013.

    BOEHE, D.M. and BARIN CRUZ, Luciano. Jobek do Brasil's Joint Venture Challenges, in: Peng, M. (ed.) Global Strategy, 3rdedition, South-Western/Cengage Learning: Mason, OH., pp. 448-455, 2013.

    BOEHE, D.M., PONGELUPPE, L. and LAZZARINI, S.G. Natura and the development of a sustainable supply chain in the Amazon region (Insper Case Study #AE-E0025), 2013. Link 
    (forthcoming in Multinationals in Latin America - Case Studies, Palgrave McMillan 2014  Link)

    BOEHE, D.M. Braskem – The creation of a global-scale petrochemical company (Insper Case Study #AE-E0020), 2011. Link 

    BOEHE, D.M. and BARIN CRUZ, L. Jobek do Brasil (Insper Case Study #AE-E0018), 2010. Link


  • Publications

    Journal Articles:

    BOEHE, D.M. The internationalization of service firms from emerging economies:  An internalization perspective. Long Range Planning (forthcoming).

    BOEHE, D.M. Supervisory styles: A contingency framework. Studies in Higher Education (forthcoming). Link 

    BOEHE, D.M. 2014. Strategic hedging: Evidence from Brazilian exporters. Journal of World Business, 49(3), 290-300. Link

    BOEHE, D.M. & BARIN CRUZ, L. 2013. Gender and Microfinance Performance: Why does the Institutional Context matter? World Development, 47, 121-135Link

    BOEHE, D.M. 2013. Collaborate at home to win abroad: How does access to local network resources influence export behavior? Journal of Small Business Management, 52(2): 167–182.  Link 

    BARIN CRUZ, L. B., BOEHE, D. M., & OGASAVARA, M. H. 2013. CSR-based Differentiation Strategy of Export Firms From Developing Countries: An Exploratory Study of the Strategy Tripod. Business & SocietyLink

    BOEHE, D.M. 2011. Exploiting the liability of foreignness: Why do service firms exploit foreign affiliate networks at home? Journal of International Management17(1): 15-29. Link

    LIBERMAN, L. & BOEHE, D.M. 2011. Worldwide Willingness to Delegate and Country Labor Quality. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22(17): 3477–3495. Link

    BOEHE, D.M. & BARIN CRUZ, L. 2010. Corporate Social Responsibility, Product Differentiation Strategy and Export Performance. Journal of Business Ethics91(2): 325-46. Link

    BARIN CRUZ, L. BOEHE, D.M. 2010. How do Leading Retail MNCs Leverage CSR Globally? Insights from Brazil. Journal of Business Ethics, 91(2): 243-263. Link

    BOEHE, D.M. 2010. Captive Offshoring of New Product Development in Brazil: How does arbitrage influence local, collaborative relationships? MIR. Management International Review, v. 50(6):747-773. Link

    BOEHE, D.M. 2009 Brazilian Software SMEs Export Propensity: bridging Born Global and Stage approaches. Latin American Business Review, 10(2-3): 187-216. Link

    BOEHE, D.M. 2008. Product Development in Emerging Market Subsidiaries: The Influence of Autonomy and Internal Markets on Subsidiary Roles. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (IJITM), 5(1): 29-53. Link

    BARIN-CRUZ, L. & BOEHE, D.M. 2008. CSR in the Global Market Place: Towards Sustainable Global Value Chains. Management Decision46(8): 1187-209. Link

    BOEHE, D.M. 2007. Product Development in MNC Subsidiaries: Local Linkages and Global Interdependence. Journal of International Management, 13(4): 488-512. Link


    Books and book chapters:

    BOEHE, D.M. Local outsourcing and Global offshoring by MNCs, in: Matthaus Bergmann and Timotheus Faust. (Ed.) Handbook of Business and Finance: Multinational Companies, Venture Capital and Non-Profit Organizations. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2010, p. 123-145.

    BOEHE, D.M. (with Oliveira J., M. and Borini, F.) Estratégia e Inovação em Corporações Multinacionais, Saraiva, São Paolo, 2009; (book on Strategy and Innovation in MNC subsidiaries in Brazil; 2009).

    BOEHE, D.M. Entry on “Brazil” for the Encyclopedia in Global Business, edited by Katz, J.H. and Golson, J.G., Sage Publications, 2009.

    BOEHE, D. M. “Kapital oder Moral – Aporien im chilenischen Neokonservatismus am Beispiel von “Oír su voz” von Arturo Fontaine”, Berlin: Köster, 1999 (ISBN 3-89574-346-1).   



  • Professional Associations

    Academy of Management – International Business and Research Methods Division

    Academy of International Business (AIB) / Latin American Chapter (AIB-LAT)

  • Media Expertise

    CategoriesBusiness & Management, Education
    ExpertiseInternational Business and Strategy. Export strategies and diversification. Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance abroad. Regional and country expertise: South America, in particular, Brazil and Colombia.
    NotesAwards 2011 ? Temple/AIB Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business (AIB), Nagoya (Japan). 2006 ? Best Paper from an under-represented Country, Academy of Management ? International Management Division, Atlanta (USA). Affiliations: Academy of International Business (AIB) Academy of Management ? International Business Divison

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