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Dr Jack Da Silva evolution; genetics; adaptation; HIV
Associate Professor Sheng Dai Polymer; Colloids; Nanomaterials; Biomaterials; Interfacial Engineering; Surfactants; Raman; Fluorescence; light scattering; rheology; thermal analysis; physical chemistry; analytical chemistry; cancer detection; drug delivery; gene delivery, smart hydrogels.
Professor Michael Davies Epidemiology, fertility, human reproduction, social structure, assisted reproduction, assisted reproduction technologies, birth defects from assisted reproduction
Professor Paul Delfabbro Foster care; psychology; families; psychology of gambline; gambling among young people; young people and gambling; foster homes
Mr Peter Devitt Upper gastrointestinal disease; laparascopic surgical techniques; medicine; surgery; antireflux surgery; reflux; endoscopy; cancer of the oesophagus; oesophagectomy
Professor Timothy Doyle Politics and International Relations of the Environment; Indo-Pacific Governance; The Indian Ocean Region; Global South; Global Political Economy; Social Movements, Political Fiction.
Professor John Dunn Cognitive psychology; human memory; decision making; thinking; learning; research methodology and statistics; the science of psychology
Dr Charlotte de Crespigny Coordinated Aboriginal mental health care (CAMHC). Comorbidity Action in the North (CAN) thehe trajectory and experience of care of people with comorbidity Over-the- Counter Analgesic Use by Aboriginal People Alcohol: women and licensed premises. Heatwaves: impact on homeless people with mental illness, alcohol & drug conditions
Professor Melissa de Zwart social networking; online media; virtual worlds; online games; copyright
Dr Kerrie Davies Plant parasitic nematodes (unsegmented round worms); crops; crop protection; galls; figs; Myrtacea; biodiversity

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