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Professor Eileen Scott Plant pathology; diseases of horticultural crops, grapevines, pulses and oilseeds caused by fungi and bacteria
Professor Sandy Steacy earthquakes, tsunamis, natural hazards, seismic hazard, volcanoes
Dr Abdallah Salem Illicit drugs;Drugs of abuse;Drugs of dependence; Party drugs;Pharmacology;Neuropharmacology
Professor Michael Sawyer Child and adolescent mental health; child psychiatry
Professor Paul Steffens Entrepreneurship; Global Entrepreneurship Monitor; business
Professor David Saint Physiology (cellular basis of excitability); biophysics; genetic engineering; cloning; cell division; development genetics; development biology; pharmacology (antiarrhythmic drugs); ion channels; biophysics (cellular basis of excitability)
emeritus professor Wayne Sampson Orthodontics; orthodontal
Professor Emerita Kay Schaffer Contemporary life writing; race; racism; reconciliation; Australia; Australian culture; women (representations of women in the media - film, magazines, TV, television); human rights campaigns (South Africa, Australia, China); feminism; storytelling and human rights
Dr Geoff Schrader Depression
Dr Carolyn Semmler eyewitness, memory, identification, jurors, police, judges, facial recognition, jury instructions, medical decision making, treatment decisions and persuasion in medical contexts
Associate Professor John Semmler Neuroplasticity; Human Movement; Exercise and Brain Function
Dr Susan Shannon Women in Architecture, Registration of women as architects, Factors in non-registration of women as architects
Associate Professor Zumin Shi diet;nutrition;soft drink;dietary patterns;chronic diseases;epidemiology;diabetes;obesity;anemia;asthma;adolescent;
Professor Andrew Skuse Poverty; development; evaluation; humanitarian; risk; behaviour, ICTs; C4D; communication; information; communication and complex emergencies; entertainment-education, mass media and development; social media; soap opera; radio drama; communications for development, poverty reduction, behaviour change; crowd sourcing
Dr Scott Smid gastrointestinal medicine; Crohn's disease; ulcerative colitis; medical and therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabinoids; neurodegeneration; natural products and pharmacognosy, neuroprotection and Alzheimer's disease
Professor Sally-Sarah Smith Development of mycorrhizas; role of mycorrhizas in plant nutrition; mycorrhizal symbioses; plant nutrition soil (soil biology and their role in plant nutrition); development aspects of colonisation
Professor Veronica Soebarto Sustainable design, sustainable building assessments, thermal and environmental performance of buildings, thermal/energy simulation, building monitoring, thermal comfort.
Dr Andrew Somogyi Drugs; drug interactions; medicine; forensics; pain control; pain management; medicines (control); forensic medicine
Dr Matthew Sorell Multimedia; telecommunications; mobile; broadband; 3G; Convergence Forensic investigation techniques for multimedia and computer data (research and expert witness) Also: English Bellringing in Australia The Music of Mike Oldfield and David Bedford
Emeritus Professor John Spencer Dental public health; oral health; use of services; provision of services; dental labour force; dentists; dental policy; dental statistics

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