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Associate Professor Jeremy Thompson Embryology; reproduction
Professor Wayne Tilley Prostate cancer, breast cancer; hormones and other factors involved in ageing and cancer; development of resistance to cancer therapies.
Professor Anthony Thomas high energy and particle physics; nuclear physics; mathematical modelling; complex systems
Dr Connor Thomas Food microbiology, Listeria monocytogenes, marine vibrios
Professor Jeremy Timmis Plant genetics; plant breeding; genetic engineering
Ms Kellie Toole criminal law; domestic violence; self-defence; rape; homicide; human rights; evidence law
Professor Grant Townsend Development of teeth; teeth development; teeth twins; teeth; dentistry; twins (development of teeth)
Associate Professor Mandy Treagus literature; popular culture; sport and gender; media; sexuality; Pacific culture, history and literature.
Associate Professor Mike Tyler Frogs and Cane Toads Tadpoles

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