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Professor Ralf Zurbrugg Finance, Hedge Funds, Investment Banking
Dr Hu Zhang Tissue engineering, regenerative medicines, bioprocess scale up, bioprocess scale down, bioreactor design, fermentation technology, mammalian cell culture, separation and purification, formulation, enzymatic catalysis, nanobiocatalysis, gene delivery, drug delivery, computational fluid dynamics, mathematical modelling, chromatography, membrane separation
Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann HOW SHIFT HAPPENS; Cultural contact as manifested in language; Etymology, word origin, loans, borrowing, how new words emerge; language, society, identity and religion; Language revival and survival (Hebrew, Maori, Barngarla, Aboriginal languages, Hawai'i), English as the world's language, cross-cultural (mis)communication, mixed languages, Israel, Yiddish, Middle East, Jewish languages, hybridit

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