Media Expertise -- Agriculture & Farming

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Professor Jason Able Plant genetics; Plant breeding; Genetic engineering; Genetically modified food; Plant biotechnology; Meiosis; Genetics; Wheat; Durum Wheat
Professor Matthew Gilliham Plant Science, Salinity Tolerance, Plant Nutrition, Viticulture, Plant Genomics
Emeritus Professor Michael Keller Plant protection (insects and weeds); biological control; integrated pest management; insect behaviour; pest control; weeds; pollination
Professor Eileen Scott Plant pathology; diseases of horticultural crops, grapevines, pulses and oilseeds caused by fungi and bacteria
Professor Amanda Able Plant pathology; postharvest science; plant biotechnology; science education; careers in agriculture
Dr Cynthia Bottema Molecular genetics; DNA testing; DNA biotechnologies; animal science; Biotechnology; animal (molecular genetics; DNA biotechnologies; DNA testing; animal genetics; animal molecular biology
Professor Geoff Fincher Cells; plant science (cell walls); enzymology; plant genomics; genetic engineering (plants, cereal crops); genomics; protein chemistry; protein engineering; carbohydrate chemistry; plant cell walls
Dr Katja Hogendoorn Bees, in particular native bees
Bees as flying doctors
Crop pollination
Social behaviour
Animal behaviour
Mating behaviour
Professor Peter Langridge plant genomics; genetic engineering; cereal genetics
Dr Glenn McDonald Crop nutrition; water use; genetic variation; crops; water use in agriculture
Associate Professor Luke Mosley Water quality;
Acid sulfate soils;
River Murray;
Murray-Darling Basin;
Basin Plan;
Lower Lakes;
Acid sulfate soils;
Acid mine drainage;
Dissolved oxygen.
Dr Ian Nuberg Olives and carobs; agroforestry (windbreaks, tree water use, species, alley farming, timber)
Professor Wayne Pitchford Animal science (cattle and sheep production); production (use of, in animal agriculture); cattle and sheep production (breeding, genetic issues, meat quality, use of biotechnology in animal agriculture)
Professor Christopher Preston Crop protection (weed management, herbicides, herbicide resistance); crop protection (resistance); weeds (management and control); Genetically modified crops
Dr Stephen Pyecroft Veterinary Pathology, Aquaculture, aquatic animal health, fish kills, fish pathology, veterinary diagnostic laboratory, devil facial tumour, Tasmanian devils, emergency animal diseases, exotic animal disease diagnosis, animal disease diagnosis
Dr Sunita Ramesh Plant nutrient transport; Abiotic stress; GABA; Aluminium toxicity; Anion channels; GABA Signalling; Molecular Biology; Xenopus oocytes; Electrophysiology; Zinc; Aquaporins or water channels; Membrane transport
Emeritus Professor John Randles Crop protection (pests and diseases, diagnosis, etiology and epidemiology of plant viruses and viroids); pests and diseases; plant pests and diseases; viruses in plants

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