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Associate Professor Michael O'Neil Analysis and commentary on the South Australian economy, including assessment of economic and public policy issues of relevance to South Australia and Australian economies. Gambling.
Associate Professor Susan Oakley Susan Oakley is an urban sociologist. Her research expertise is the relationship between urban planning, governance & urban renewal of brownfield sites. Dr Oakley is also involved in research on the gendered nature of youth homelessness. Currently she is studying pathways into independent living & civic participation for homeless people through sustainable accommodation & support programs.
Professor Maree O'Keefe medical education; child health; consumer participation; community engagement
Professor Gerard O'Brien Cognitive science; intelligence; philosophy; computers and the mind; cognition; consciousness; human nature (nurture/nature controversies); basis for moral behaviour; nature vs nurture; meaning (how meaning arises in the natural world); ethics and human nature
Dr Ryan O'Handley Parasites, Parasitology, Protozoa, helminths, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Toxoplasma,Toxoplasma gondii, Neospora, tapeworms, nematodes, worms, worming, dewormers, toxocara, hookworm, parasitic, zoonoses
Dr Margaret O'Hea Jordanian archaeology; Near Eastern archaeology; Roman archaeology; Hellenistic glass; Roman glass; Byzantine glass; Islamic glass; Nabataean archaeology; Decapolis; material culture of Late Antiquity;
Mr David Olney Civil-Military relations, Defence, Security, philosophies of violence.
Dr Jennifer Ong Anaesthesia; anaesthetic drugs (design and development; how drugs affect the brain); analgesics; anti-convulsants; drug addiction; pharmacotherapies; muscle relaxant drugs; anxiolytics; physiology; functions; drug development; brain (functions; physiology; how drugs affect the brain); drugs; intensive care; neurophysiology

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