Media Expertise -- Animals & Veterinary Science

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Professor Phil Hynd Animal science
Dr Wayne Boardman wildlife health, wildlife disease, zoo animal health, primate health and disease, elephant health and disease, NZ native fauna health and disease, Australian fauna health and disease, Camel health and disease, Ecohealth, Conservation Medicine
Emeritus Professor William Breed cell biology; reproductive biology; fertility; reproduction
Dr Susan Hazel Animal Welfare; Animal Behaviour; Human-Animal Interactions
Adjunct Professor Stefan Hiendleder Animal Genetics; Animal Biotechnology; Non-Mendelian Inheritance; Epigenetics; Mitochondrial DNA; Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer; Cloning; Embryo; Fetus; Imprinting; Gene Expression; Evolution of Domestic Animals; Sheep; Cattle
Dr Katja Hogendoorn Bees, in particular native bees
Bees as flying doctors
Crop pollination
Social behaviour
Animal behaviour
Mating behaviour
Professor Gordon Howarth Animal models;gastrointestinal disease;bioactives;nutraceuticals;plant extracts;animal oils;probiotics;prebiotics;synbiotics;digestive health
Dr Roy Kirkwood Swine reproduction
Associate Professor Ryan O'Handley Parasites, Parasitology, Protozoa, helminths, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Toxoplasma,Toxoplasma gondii, Neospora, tapeworms, nematodes, worms, worming, dewormers, toxocara, hookworm, parasitic, zoonoses
Associate Professor David Paton Ecology and behaviour of birds; conservation; habitat restoration; bird-plant interactions; pollination; honeybees; Murray River and Coorong ecology; Management of vertebrate pests ( cats; koalas; birds); revegetation programs; birds and airports; responses of flora and fauna to fire and drought.
Dr Anne Peaston Veterinary, Cancer, Medicine, Oncology, Chemotherapy, Mouse models of human disease, mammary cancer, breast cancer, mast cell tumour
Professor Wayne Pitchford Animal science (cattle and sheep production); production (use of, in animal agriculture); cattle and sheep production (breeding, genetic issues, meat quality, use of biotechnology in animal agriculture)
Dr Stephen Pyecroft Veterinary Pathology, Aquaculture, aquatic animal health, fish kills, fish pathology, veterinary diagnostic laboratory, devil facial tumour, Tasmanian devils, emergency animal diseases, exotic animal disease diagnosis, animal disease diagnosis
Emeritus Professor George Rogers Wool and hair production (role of biochemistry and molecular biology in wool and follicle function, sheep transgenesis to improve fibre quality); sheep; wool production; wool fibre production; sheep transgenesis
Dr Alexandra Whittaker Animal welfare; animal law; laboratory animals

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